Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pati Makowska

Source Daily Mail and internet

Pati Makowska captures the beauty of what were once some of the continent's most vibrant locations. The now-dilapidated buildings still feature hints of their heyday - from intricately painted ceilings, to renaissance architecture and grand halls. The photographer said that tracking down such wonders takes a lot of time, as she has to study man old maps and ask those with local knowledge. Pati plans to continue taking pictures of ruins, but also hopes to expand her photography into natural wonders. She said: 'I first photographed ruins a medieval castle in Muszyna in Poland a few years ago. 'Later, while living in the UK and Iceland, I found other magic and forgotten places. The memory of the power of magic and climate remained my inspiration to be found in places like Poland. LINK dailymail LINK pinterest

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