Thursday, September 02, 2021

Kristin Theo Stuestøl

Until October 2 in Kunstgaten on Skjærhalden Norge

The pictures shown in Kunstgaten at Skjærhalden are abstract and colorful, but the color palette is dominated by a dark contrast. Stuestøl is inspired by the light in Scandinavia. Last year she moved to Hvaler, where she works from her studio on Vesterøy. She has been inspired by Hvaler's nature, because lately the motifs have turned to sky and sea. In this exhibition, images are shown in several types of techniques. There are both landscape paintings on canvas, but also material pictures on plates with rusty plates, skulls from porpoises and recycled textiles. In one of the series shown at the exhibition, Stuestøl has, among other things, used rags that have a story of their own. 
’All the rye I have used are made by my father's aunt. I ran upon them as a child in the cabin. As they were about to disintegrate after we inherited them, I asked my sisters if I could use them in art.’ 
The exhibition hangs until October 2 in Kunstgaten on Skjærhalden.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Philip Akkerman

"Van Een Gek, Voor Een Gek" 
@ Torch Gallery AMS

Philip Akkerman has been painting exclusively self-portraits since 1981. Akkerman regards himself an everyman's artist; he feels that he belongs to a tradition dating back to the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, when a new art market emerged, where art was made by and for ordinary citizens. Created by an individual, enjoyed by an individual – or, as Philip says: “From one fool to another”. For this occasion, Akkerman turns TORCH Gallery into a home.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Malta The Megalithic Temples

@ RMO Leiden

Malta has a long history and was first inhabited in around 5900 BC. The first inhabitants were farmers, and their agricultural methods degraded the soil until the islands became uninhabitable. The islands were repopulated in around 3850 BC by a civilization which at its peak built the Megalithic Temples, which today are among the oldest surviving buildings in the world. Their civilization collapsed in around 2350 BC, but the islands were repopulated by Bronze Age warriors soon afterwards. Malta's prehistory ends in around 700 BC, when the islands were colonized by the Phoenicians. They ruled the islands until they fell to the Roman Republic in 218 BC. The island was acquired by the Eastern Romans or Byzantines in the 6th century AD, who were expelled by Aghlabids following a siege in 870 AD. LINK RMO Leiden

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Donchev wooden cameras, Bulgaria

Donchev wooden cameras
User: Arold van der Aa, Haarsteeg The Netherlands


Stefan Donchev, my father, a dedicated craftsman with more then 50 years experience in working with metal and wood, Ekaterina Doncheva, my wife, a very meticulous and patient person – our bellows specialist and I, Andrey Donchev, a carpenter and joiner with 20 years in the trade, whose love for photography and complications brought us here.

We have made a lot of beautiful cameras. Actually, I had a hard time making a choice. Still, I selected five cameras that we have produced over the years. Do you think I should have chosen a different camera? Let me know. Better still send me a photo of your choice.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Ambrotype and tintype

Photographer Arold van der Aa 
Haarsteeg, The Netherlands

The invention of wet collodion photography processes in the 1850s allowed the development of two new kinds of photographs ambrotypes and tintypes. These new formats shared many characteristics with the earlier daguerreotypes but were quicker and cheaper to produce. Primarily used for portraiture, each photo is a unique camera-exposed image and was available in several standard-sizes. An ambrotype is comprised of an underexposed glass negative placed against a dark background. The dark backing material creates a positive image.
"I've always been fascinated by black and white photography... In my quest to find my passion for photography, I came across the wet plate collodion process that was discovered in 1851. Analogue photography on glass or metal plates... Back to craftsmanship and mastery. Read more on my site (In Dutch)..." Arold van der Aa

Monday, June 21, 2021

David Claerbout

@ De Pont through 29 August 2021

“The era of photography is over, and we are seeing a return of what Jean Baudrillard called 3D information, namely images that are augmented by narratives or statistics. While media dissolve into one another we are witnessing a return to the primacy of the word. Photography’s time as originating from light is over.” 
David Claerbout 

In disquieting video installations the Belgian artist David Claerbout (Kortrijk, 1969) tries to come to grips with the passage of time. He lengthens time, allows the present and past to fuse, and sometimes even seems to bring time to a halt. His latest video, Aircraft (FAL), will have its world première at De Pont this year. A fine moment to show video works, drawings and storyboards of his that the museum has been collecting since 2005. In the intimate environment of the wool-storage spaces, these works from the collection provide a unique view spanning nearly two decades of his artistic career.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Samah Shihadi

Born in Sha`ab, Palestine in 1987. She graduated from Oranim College in 2012 with a BA in art and an MFA from Haifa University in 2015. Shihadi is a Haifa-based artist, she had solo exhibitions at the gallery of modern art gallery in Umm Al Fahem and Machanaim art gallery. In addition, her works have been exhibited in many galleries and art fair “Galilee Paint 2”, where she won promising artist. In addition, Shihadi won prizes and awards from Pais Culture Council, The Culture and Sports and Ismail Shammout award in fine art. Samah’s works are in important private collections in Israel and abroad. 
Sameh Shihadi captures the annual rituals in which whole families would take part – regularly – before their expulsion in 1948. The infamous national Palestinian symbol of the cactus is a reminder of both dispossession and survival. Cactus plants used to demark plots of land plots belonging to village residents. These unique hedgerows are often the only visible reminder of the many hundreds of villages that were destroyed and ethnically cleansed in 1948. Shihadi’s paintings often depict the elderly of the village engaging in the harvest, while children innocently play in the emptiness of the land. Her tranquil and dreamlike scenes are often underpinned by painful memories and ongoing family trauma.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Lisa Weeda, Aleksandra

Lisa Weeda is a Dutch-Ukrainian writer, literary program maker, screenwriter, audiofan and virtual reality director. Text is always the basis of her work, but form is free. Ukraine, her grandmother's motherland, is often central to her work. Aleksandra is her debut novel. (In Dutch)

With astonishing storytelling pleasure and with all the literary style tools at her disposal, Lisa Weeda tells an exceptional family history, which begins with her grandmother Aleksandra. In 1942 she is deported from Ukraine and put to work in the war industry in Germany. Her granddaughter Lisa later travels to her grandmother's hometown and, on the wings of her imagination, meets her great-grandfather Nikolaj, who has been waiting for his daughter for nearly three quarters of a century. Together with him, she searches for traces of her cousin, who was murdered during the recently flared conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Aleksandra is the story of a family between East and West who just can't get away from an area that never seems to find peace. Lisa Weeda found the form and the voice to tell this poignant story in a grandiose way. 

Met verbluffend vertelplezier en met alle literaire stijlmiddelen die tot haar beschikking staan vertelt Lisa Weeda een uitzonderlijke familiegeschiedenis, die begint bij haar grootmoeder Aleksandra. In 1942 wordt zij vanuit Oekraïne gedeporteerd en in Duitsland in de oorlogsindustrie tewerkgesteld. Haar kleindochter Lisa reist later naar haar grootmoeders geboorteplaats en ontmoet, op de vleugels van haar verbeelding, haar overgrootvader Nikolaj, die al bijna driekwart eeuw op zijn dochter zit te wachten. Samen met hem gaat ze op zoek naar sporen van haar neef, die tijdens het recentelijk opgelaaide conflict in Oost-Oekraïne is vermoord. Aleksandra is het verhaal van een familie tussen Oost en West die maar niet loskomt van een gebied dat nooit rust lijkt te vinden. Lisa Weeda vond de vorm en de stem om dit indringende verhaal op een grandioze manier te vertellen. 

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Panayot Panayotov Paneto

About my father-in-law

The first time I met Panayot Panayotov - Paneto in Bulgaria 27 years ago, there was an immediate   click. What a personality! I gave him a catalogue of the Documenta 7 as a present. Immediately he came up with a story about those artists. He knew their works very well! I did not speak Bulgarian, but thanks to Lilly (his great love and support) it became an exciting dialogue. After a number of Rakia's translation was almost unnecessary. We met many more times in the following years. The 10 guilder banknote designed by Jaap Drupsteen was not unknown to him. "Look at the Iris print Dolf!", he said. But in his studio, all that work! Each object in the studio had its own history. A great artist, a true Master has passed away, what a loss! Lilly, family and friends, a lot of strength! Pani, I hope you are well on your journey to the unknown.  

De eerste keer dat ik in Bulgarije Panayot Panayotov - Paneto ontmoette 27 jaar geleden was er meteen een klik. Wat een persoonlijkheid! Ik gaf hem een katalogus van de Documenta 7 cadeau. Onmiddellijk kwam hij met een verhaal over deze kunstenaars. Vele van hen kende hij! De taal Bulgaars beheerste ik niet maar dankzij Lilly (zijn grote liefde en en steun) werd het een spannend dialoog. Na een aantal Rakia's was vertaling bijna niet meer nodig. Wij ontmoette elkaar velen malen meer de jaren daarop. Het 10 gulden bankbiljet ontworpen door Jaap Drupsteen was niet onbekend bij hem. Kijk naar de iris druk Dolf ! zei hij. Maar zijn atelier, al dat werk! Elk object in zijn atelier was omgeven met een verhaal. En onderbouwd. Er is een groot kunstenaar Meester heengegaan wat een verlies! Lilly, familie en vrienden heel veel sterkte! Pani, het gaat je goed op reis naar het onbekende. LINK panayotpanayotov-paneto

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Artembassy (Kunstambassade)

The Kunstambassade Rotterdam is online, the first virtual studio building in the Netherlands. Made by Rotterdam artists, for enthusiasts, collectors, people interested in art and for other artists, who can still show their work with this in the times of Corona. From today you can wander through the online studios, watch the work process of the artists and trace their mutual relationships read more (Dutch). 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Alexandra Nikolaewna Pauw-Temnikowa

@ I ♥ Dordt, Dordrechts Museum

I ♥ Dordt. Learn about nearly 400 artifacts that tell the story of our 800-year-old city here. This exhibition was made for and by people from Dordrecht. All objects have been brought in or presented by themselves. All stories have been told by themselves. Click on an item and you will see the corresponding story and who submitted it. Be surprised by beautiful, moving and fun anecdotes from Dordrecht. Via the menu on the right you can watch a short film about the realization of this exhibition. In the film, people from Dordrecht tell about their precious objects and their love for the city. And don't forget to come and see the exhibition in person, as soon as the museums are allowed to reopen. The exhibition can then be seen in the Dordrechts Museum until august 15 2021.

Saturday, January 09, 2021

The Glass Room

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition consists of a series of interactive apps, short films and visual elements that can be hosted in public or private spaces anywhere in the world. The exhibits explore how social media and the web have changed the way you read information and react to it. Learn why spotting “fake news” is not as easy as it sounds, and how the term “fake news” is as much a problem as the news it describes. Dive into the world of deepfakes, which are now so realistic that they are virtually impossible to detect. Find out why social media platforms are designed to keep you hooked, and how they can be used to change your mind. The Glass Room Misinformation Edition also includes a Data Detox Kit, which features simple steps and practical tools to reduce your digital traces and help you take control of your digital life. LINK the glass room

Friday, December 18, 2020

Madeleine Mignon and Marguerite Mespoulet, 1913

The earliest color photos of Ireland 
By Argun Konuk

Through the lenses of their Autochrome Lumière cameras, these adventurer intellectuals documented priceless moments of remote villages, Irish rural settlements, lives of locals adhering to traditional Gaelic values, ancient Celtic monuments, prominent Christian sites, green landscapes, cemeteries, street settings from Galway city and much more. 
Argun Konuk A 24-year-old travel & history enthusiast who has been sharing his travel experiences and introducing the unpopular unique places in the world!