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MUAC Cuerpo de Zapata asesinado

Cortesía: Centro de Estudios de Historia de México Carso

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De Hallen Haarlem

identity design: Cobbenhagen Hendriksen

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bulgaria Cartoons

Jovcho Savov - Special Award, Presov, Slovakia - Theme: Beer
Йовчо Савов - Специална награда, Прешов, Словакия - Тема: Бира

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via lisa weeda

Bulgaria postage stamp: space ship

Year: 1964

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Miltos Manetas, 2007

Thank you Andy Warhol (via trendbeheer)

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balloon dog bookends

lawyers of american artist jeff koons issued a cease-and-desist letter to park life, a small san francisco store and gallery, asking them to stop selling and advertising their balloon dog bookends. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Artist's Cigarette Stamped Out

In 1999, Pollock becomes the second American painter to be thus commemorated (first was Norman Rockwell). The U.S. Postal Service hired an artist, one Howard Koslow, to copy the iconic Jackson Pollock image by Martha Holmes. Holmes took the photo at Pollock’s studio in East Hampton, N.Y., for a LIFE magazine cover story in 1949. The photo, of course, showed the denim-clad artist, a chain smoker, pouring paint onto canvas, with a cigarette hanging languidly from his mouth. Koslow was explicitly ordered to leave out the cigarette, and despite much hoo-hah, the stamps went to press without it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps

As part of the 2011 commemorative postage stamp program just unveiled by the USPS, there is one set in particular that will probably make designers happy. In July 2011, a 12 stamp pane will honor industrial designers that were influential in the 20th century.

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From Paris


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Alexandra and Pierre Boulat @ Le Petit Palais

Photo: Alexandra Boulat

Photo: Piere Boulat

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puzzle 1959

design and craft Jilles Pauw

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Paul Getty, Diaries @ Getty Research Institute

Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul) Diaries, 1938-1976

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