Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pinkas Synagogue (Pinkasova synagoga) Prague

Ruth Schächterová Landscape with Three Houses 
Erika Stránská A House

During reconstruction in 1950–1954, the original floor-level as well as the appearance of the synagogue were restored. In following five years, the walls of the synagogue were covered with names of about 78 000 Bohemian and Moravian Jewish victims of Shoah. The names are arranged by communities where the victims came from and complemented with their birth and death date. The memorial was designed by painters Václav Boštík and Jiří John. In 1960 it was opened to public, but it was closed after less than a decade, in 1968, after the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. It was said that the reason for closing was moisture. After the fall of communistic regime in 1989 the synagogue had been reconstructed for three years and then opened to public, but it took another three years to restore the inscriptions of the names on the walls that were damaged by moisture. Moreover, in 2002, an old enemy of the synagogue – flood – proved its power and the inscriptions had to be restored again. 

On the first floor of the synagogue there is an exhibition of pictures drawn by children in the concentration camp in Theresienstadt. Children did not draw them accidentally but during drawing lessons led by Friedl Dicker-Brandeis (1898–1944), a painter, who studied at Bauhaus, Weimar. Dicker-Brandeis's experience from Bauhaus influenced the conception of her drawing lessons in Theresienstadt. She encouraged children to express themselves in drawing, to grapple with their grim experiences from the ghetto, as well as to capture their memories from home and dreams about the future. Their pictures therefore offer wide-ranged testimony about the daily reality of the ghetto and about individual children. Most of the children, as well as Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, died in Auschwitz. The only witnesses of their lives, their drawings, "survived" because Dicker-Brandeis hid them in Theresienstadt before her deportation to Auschwitz. After the war about 4,500 pictures were handed over to the Jewish Museum in Prague. 
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Sunday, November 18, 2018

František Bílek

Tvůrce 1905, Holland paper, woodcut 
Original reprint limited edition 9/30 2018

The exhibition of prints and printing blocks offers a closer view of the graphic art by the sculptor František Bílek. Bílek used wood, his most favorite sculptural material, in the technique of woodcut, on which he focused after 1905 and in which he carried out most of his prints. His virtuoso way of working with the structure of wood, as evidenced by the details of printing blocks, enhanced the dramatic character of his woodcuts, whose expressive blackand-white language based on the contrast of light and shadow allowed him to capture the transcendental spiritual light. For Bílek, the symbolism of light was essential; he elaborated on it in theory as well as in the process of creating his entire multilayered oeuvre. Some of his prints are accompanied by individual words or the whole text, through which Bílek communicated his relativem complicated messages both in graphic art and his other works. Words are in the form of a stylized ornamental Gothic typeface, incorporated into the border of printing plates. 
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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Подарък от Пането (Paneto)

даготипия и миниатюри  
опаковани в кутия за супермаркети 
Роттердам Dolf:, благодариe на Пането (Paneto) 


Thursday, November 01, 2018

Пането The "Makulatura" (Wastepaper) in the "George Papazov" Gallery

Пането с „Макулатура“ в галерия „ Жорж Папазов“ 2015

Макар и странно, проф. Панайот Панайотов – Пането представя за първи път в Ямбол своя самостоятелна изложба. Експозицията е провокирана от стила и е посветена на един от най-големите – Жорж Папазов.

Prof. Panayot Panayotov - Paneto presented for the first time in Yambol his own exhibition. The exposition is provoked by the style and is dedicated to one of the greatest - George Papazov.
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