Saturday, June 23, 2018

Straatkijkers (look-outs)

A series of look-outs on line cross-sectioning Rotterdam 
9th of june - 9th september 2018

A temporary series of art works in the public domain of Rotterdam. Stretched over one long line, as a city cross section from the centre towards MH4, the upcoming creative areas in the port. These 'Straatkijkers', (street look-outs) are open to the people in the streets and provide a different view and thought on the characteristic streets of Rotterdam. A initiative by artist Lieven Poutsma (Observatorium) and architect Bart Lentze (G R I D T) LINK

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Look for the differences

Design agency Studio Job 11 28 2013
and later

On the first King Willem-Alexander-stamp, which was presented five years back, is not the Dutch crown. The depicted crown looks suspiciously like the British St. Edwards Crown. LINK read more (In Dutch)