Thursday, August 26, 2021

Philip Akkerman

"Van Een Gek, Voor Een Gek" 
@ Torch Gallery AMS

Philip Akkerman has been painting exclusively self-portraits since 1981. Akkerman regards himself an everyman's artist; he feels that he belongs to a tradition dating back to the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, when a new art market emerged, where art was made by and for ordinary citizens. Created by an individual, enjoyed by an individual – or, as Philip says: “From one fool to another”. For this occasion, Akkerman turns TORCH Gallery into a home.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Malta The Megalithic Temples

@ RMO Leiden

Malta has a long history and was first inhabited in around 5900 BC. The first inhabitants were farmers, and their agricultural methods degraded the soil until the islands became uninhabitable. The islands were repopulated in around 3850 BC by a civilization which at its peak built the Megalithic Temples, which today are among the oldest surviving buildings in the world. Their civilization collapsed in around 2350 BC, but the islands were repopulated by Bronze Age warriors soon afterwards. Malta's prehistory ends in around 700 BC, when the islands were colonized by the Phoenicians. They ruled the islands until they fell to the Roman Republic in 218 BC. The island was acquired by the Eastern Romans or Byzantines in the 6th century AD, who were expelled by Aghlabids following a siege in 870 AD. LINK RMO Leiden