Monday, September 25, 2023

Reinbert de Leeuw and Erik Satie

Reinbert de Leeuw - Erik Satie/ Gnossiennes 1-6 (live @TivoliVredenburg Utrecht) 
vrije geluiden VPRO television


In the 1960s, pianist and composer Reinbert de Leeuw stood up for the then almost forgotten French composer Erik Satie. A man who composed completely against the spirit of the times around the turn of the last century. Satie wrote short, stripped-down music. In the hands of Reinbert de Leeuw, every change of pace and turn in Satie's work became unprecedentedly expressive. 

Maestro Reinbert de Leeuw performs Gnossiennes 1-6 composed by Erik Satie. Reinbert de Leeuw has a fascination for the French excentric composer Erik Satie. In the '60s and 70's Reinbert de Leeuw's recordings of Satie's music were immensely popular. Thirty years later Reinbert de Leeuw is still fascinated by Satie's music and performs all six Gnossiennes with new tempi. broadcast may 13th 2018 10.30 a.m. (GMT +1) This video was recorded in TivoliVredenburg for VPRO Vrije Geluiden: music program made by the Dutch public broadcast organization VPRO.

Friday, September 01, 2023

Aleksandra today 99


A woman of thousands! Strong and through a lot in her life. My mother, she turned 99 today. Do you readers of this post want to know more about my mother? Go to the bookstore and buy the book written by Lisa Weeda named Aleksandra. Lisa Weeda travels to Luhansk on behalf of her ninety-four-year-old grandmother Aleksandra, in search of the grave of her uncle Kolya, who has disappeared since 2015. Lisa manages to brave the border post of the war zone and in her flight she tumbles back in time. She ends up in the palace of the Soviets, where her great-grandfather Nikolaj has been waiting for Aleksandra since his own death in 1953. After Aleksandra's deportation to Germany in 1942, he never saw her again. Together with Nikolaj, Lisa wanders through the palace, this limbo where Kolja is also hiding, and brings the history of her Don Cossack family to life.