Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Moonwalk

It’s never too late to learn a proper moonwalk! Most people do it exactly the wrong way. But not you. Not anymore. LINK animagraffs

Friday, December 26, 2014

House Tree Sky (Huis Boom Lucht)

design Dolf Pauw 1976
looks after 38 years like this

In the seventies, it was habit in the base year of the Royal Academy in The Hague, do droll assignments such as: mass, escape or house tree sky. Let me not even mention the copying of leeks. LINK KABK 1976

Thursday, December 25, 2014

лампочка клюковка

The vodka light bulb

Vodka is not the product where you can endlessly experiment with taste, so the emphasis was placed more on the form. "Bulbs". The company X produces four types of desktop, spare, black vodka, light Cranberry. All of them are produced at Lviv X plant Ukraine. LINK

Sunday, December 21, 2014

the Collection de l’Art Brut

Han Ploos van Amstel

Han Ploos van Amstel was born in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. He was mentally handicapped and worked in a protected workshop making brooms and doormats, and lived with his mother. When his mother died, he moved into a semiindependent home, and then in 1992 he went to a day-care centre, where he began to draw... LINK l’Art Brut

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Suus Kooijman

Encaustic (Beeswax, pigments)

Usually Suus Kooijman start with nothing, no idea, no color. It is the matter that asks what she should do. The warm beeswax, pigments and the layers build up into a presentation which often do not know where it will go. At least in the beginning. It takes some time until the image emerges. Everything hides in a background, when she start lay scraping, an image suggests. Does a landscape, a field, a man? She work through the layers and let amaze it every time. Going on in the process there arise, as it were multiple images on a panel. A landscape that presents itself to us, often wears unknown meanings. She try to explore meanings. What ultimately happens in the bottom layer of the images. LINK galerie de ploegh (in Dutch)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

‪Maceo Parker‬

The soul of a black man 1973‬

Parker was born in Kinston, North Carolina. His father played piano and drums; his mother and father both sang in church. His brother Melvin played drums and his brother Kellis trombone. He and his brother Melvin joined James Brown in 1964; in his autobiography, Brown says that he originally wanted Melvin as his drummer, but agreed to take Maceo under his wing as part of the deal. In 1970 Parker, his brother Melvin, and a few of Brown's band members left to found Maceo. All the King's Men, which toured for two years. In 1974, Parker returned to James Brown. He also charted a single "Parrty Part I" (71 pop singles) with Maceohe Macks that year. In 1975, Parker and some of Brown's band members, including Fred Wesley, left to join George Clinton's band Parliament - Funkadelic. Parker once again re-joined James Brown from 1984 to 1988. In the 1990s, Parker began a solo career. To date, he has released eleven solo albums since 1990. His band has been billed as "the greatest little funk orchestra on earth" and the "million dollar support band". LINK youtube  LINK maceoparker

Friday, December 12, 2014

Pravdoliub Ivanov


cleaned corner, framed title, 
Old Turkish Bathhouse, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Pravdoliub Ivanov was born in 1964 in Plovdiv. He lives and works in Sofia. He graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria, where he is currently a lecturer. In 1995 he became a Founder Member of the Institute of Contemporary Art Sofia. Pravdoliub Ivanov has a strong presence on the international art scene. In 2007, togetherwith Ivan Moudov and Stefan Nikolaev he participated in Vessela Nozharova’s curatorial project “A Place You Have Never Been Before” the Bulgarian official participation at the 52nd Venice Biennial. 
His works were also presented at the 4th Istanbul Biennial in 1995, 
at the 14th Sydney Biennial, Australia in 2004 and at the 4th Berlin Biennial in 2006. LINK

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Marurizio Galimberti

Marurizio Galimberti is an Italian born photographer who creates abstract mosaic portraits with Polaroid film. By shooting and arranging the Polaroid's into grids, Galimberti's subjects become abstract, giving the viewer a multiple dimensional perspective of each subject. 
LINK Marurizio Galimberti

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Marres House for Contemporary Culture


Carolin Eidner, Untitled (Party Delay 2), 2013-14

Rumour Has It is the second episode of the annual exhibition series titled Marres Currents. With this series, Marres presents recent graduates from art academies in the Southern Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. While offering emerging artists and curators a platform, Marres also aims to build an international infrastructure for talent development. 

Curated by Hélène Webers and Mels Evers, Rumour Has It presents work of a new generation of talented young artists. The exhibition is devoted to a range of artistic practices, in which artists search for new forms, expressions, narratives and truth. In an exhibition full of stories, shapes, colours, and movement, the artists reach out to meet an audience that is also searching for new ways to grasp the world. 

Marres, House for Contemporary Culture was founded in Maastricht in 1998. The name Marres stems from the brewer’s family that lived in the house for a good part of the 20th century. With exhibitions, lectures, research, performances and publications, Marres explores the visual arts in the widest possible sense. Visitors are invited to wander through the spaces of the intimate house, experience the beautiful city garden or enjoy a coffee or meal at Marres Kitchen. LINK

Friday, December 05, 2014

'St. Nicholas and his servant'

Jan Schenkman

'St. Nicholas and his servant' from 1850. The booklet was written by the Amsterdam headmaster Jan Schenkman is special because black Piet for the first time is introduced. Also showed Schenkman Nicholas for the first time with his steamer arriving from Spain. Thereby Schenkman thought the song "Look there is the steamboat," which now still is sung during the arrival of Santa Claus. I wish you all a wonderful Santa Claus Eve! LINK