Sunday, March 29, 2020

#laatjenietnaaien sweater

Design: Kaulane Huisman en Serena Kloet

Lieve #laatjenietnaaien trui enthousiasteling, lieve maker, producent, programmamaker, freelancer in de sector, Holy crap, wat kan er veel gebeuren in een korte tijd. Kut en zeker als we het over geld hebben. Ondanks de financiele weirdness (en misschien juist wel daarom) is het toch ons plan om door te gaan met de actie #laatjenietnaaien en de sweater die daarbij hoort, omdat we nou eenmaal geen ‘hobbyist’ zijn en juist ook omdat de Katoenfabriek (waar we de truien bestellen) gewoon open is en enorm veel inkomsten aan het mislopen is. In de bijlage zit een afbeelding van de sweater. Dus bij dezen de details voor jou: De trui is 35,- Hij is organisch (jeeh) en mooi. Hij is fair gemaakt, betaald en ook onze medewerking zit hierin verrekend. Stuur je maat en kleur voorkeur (blauwe of grijze trui). Als je zakelijk wil betalen stuur dan ook je zakelijke adres mee, dan kan dat op de factuur/pakbon die je van ons ontvangt als de trui er is. Die krijg je dan in de mail, die pakbon. Uit deze prijs betalen we ook grafisch ontwerpers Kaulane Huisman en Serena Kloet. In Utrecht kan je hem gratis ophalen/kunnen we hem voor je deur komen leggen. 

Dear #laatjenietnaaien sweater enthusiast, sweet maker, producer, program maker, freelancer in the sector, Holy crap, what can happen in a short time. Bad and especially when we talk about money. Despite the financial weirdness (and perhaps precisely because of that), our plan is to continue with the action #laatjenietnaaien and the sweater that goes with it, because we are not a "hobbyist" and precisely because the Cotton Factory (where we order the sweaters) is simply open and is missing out on a lot of income. In the attachment is an image of the sweater. So here's the details for you: The sweater is 35, - It is organic (yeeh) and beautiful. He is made fair, paid and our cooperation is also included in this. Send your size and color preference (blue or gray sweater). If you want to pay for business, please also send your business address, you can do that on the invoice / packing slip that you receive from us when the sweater is there. You will receive it in the mail, that packing slip. We also pay graphic designers Kaulane Huisman and Serena Kloet from this prize. Read more or order @ #laatjenietnaaien

Friday, March 06, 2020

Calypso War - Lord Invader, Macbeth, & Duke Of Iron, 1946

Research dolf pauw 
Thanks to Pancocojams

This post showcases the complete battle sound from Calypsonians Lord Invader, Macbeth, and Duke of Iron engaging in a extemporaneous Calypso battle i1946. The content of this post is presented for historical, folkloric, educational, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes. The copyrights remain with their owners. My thanks to the legacy of early Calypsonians and specifically to Lord Invader, Macbeth the Great, and Duke of Iron and Pancocojams, Dolf Pauw. LINK Youtube LINK Pancocojams

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

The Duke of Iron

Sings Calypso, The Fly

Wilmouth Houdini may have been the first major star of calypso to record extensively in the U.S., but the Duke of Iron became the leading exponent of calypso just as high-fidelity recording became commonplace. His particular combination of authenticity amd popular appeal both modernized and improved the sound of calypso at a crucial time. Other calypsonians of great originality, such as fellow New Yorker the Mighty Sparrow, owed him a huge debt. Born Cecil Anderson in Trinidad, the Duke of Iron learned music from his famous father and others. (His brother performed under the name Count of Monte Cristo.) Cecil came to the United States and made New York City his new home in 1923. In 1940 he began playing professionally at the Village Vanguard, and after ten months he headed west, touring until a triumphant return to New York in 1943. From then on he was King of Calypso and toured college campuses for some time until returning to Trinidad. There, he formed a new band and headed to Europe for a tour. He returned to New York at the height of the calypso craze (1956, the year Belafonte's debut eclipsed Elvis') to begin a long stint as headliner of the Jamaican Room. On the LP Jungle Calypso, the Duke is accompanied by Modesto Calderon (bass player), Gregory Feliz, and Victor Pacheco. The latter two take turns at drums, violin, and clarinet. By the time of his Jamaican Room engagement, the Duke was playing quattro (four-stringed guitar) with a drummer, bassist, pianist, and two others doubling on sax and clarinet. He recorded for Victor as well as the jazz label Prestige (Limbo, Limbo, Limbo), which despite the name features strong original material and excellent recording by the peerless Rudy Van Gelder. His LPs typically include one or two steel-band instrumentals, but that should not pose no obstacle to their appreciation. LINK Youtube Extra