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Barbara Kasten

Construct XV, 1982, Polaroid, 8x10 in

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Max van der Stoel and OPLAND

‘Disciples of the Club of Rome. Max van der Stoel: “while we’re on the subject, we are actually doing something for the environment!” October 1973, Opland, Dutch cartoonist.

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Master advice


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Webby Awards

Anne Frank House online

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Thijs en Evert Rinsema year @ Museum Dra8888

Thijs Rinsema, Two riders, linocut on Japanese paper

Thijs Rinsema was self-taught and was originally a cobbler by profession. Through his brother Evert he met Theo van Doesburg. Around 1920 he and van Doesburg produced some pieces of furniture together. Rinsema made the acquaintance of Kurt Schwitters in 1923, during a Dada expedition organized by the van Doesburgs. With Schwitters he made collages from waste paper, boxes with inlaid work and book jackets. In addition to Dadaist work he drew and painted interior still-lifes. From 1925 he produced paintings with stylized football players and horses.

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Quirijn van Tiel for sale @ Simonis & Buunk

The old shed, Brabant, oil on canvas 85,5 x 94,8 cm 1956

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Dick Cassée

Page from: Le Défens à Contre-Jour 2008

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Neil Jenney

source: Smithsonian American Art Museum and internet

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Nika Zupanc

Konstantin B, toy car, 2009

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