Monday, December 16, 2019


Photography Dolf Pauw

Panamarenko was a contemporary Belgian artist known for his mixed-media sculptures of airplanes, zeppelins, and flying saucers. Despite being modeled after aerodynamic engineering, Panamerenko's works are not necessarily capable of flight—an irony deliberately invoking the sentiment found in the myth of Icarus. Most of his work involves the history of engineering and aviation as a metaphor for failure, hope, and human exploration. Born Henri Van Herwegen on February 5, 1940 in Antwerp, Belgium, he was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 1968, one of the artist’s biggest influences Joseph Beuys invited Panamerenko to exhibit his Flugzeug piece at the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie. He has gone on to exhibit his works globally at spaces like the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid and The Museum of Modern Art in New York. A retrospective of his works was held in 2005 at the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Brussels. LINK site Panamarenko

Friday, November 15, 2019

IDFA DocLab Rozsypne

IDFA's key new media from Friday, November 22nd to Tuesday, November 26th. 

Rozsypne (DocLab: Exhibition) 11:00 - 21:00 @ Tolhuistuin

IDFA’s new media program DocLab has been exploring the art of interactive and immersive non-fiction since 2007. Over the years, IDFA DocLab has developed into one of the leading platforms for interactive documentary art and storytelling. Every year, we commission new pieces, initiate collaborations between artists, and offer a wide range of industry activities to support those shaping the landscape of emerging media and art. During the festival we showcase the best new interactive documentary art through two competition programs, a physical exhibition, and a series of experimental live events to present undefined art forms to a wider audience. Tolhuistuin – IJpromenade 2 

In the summer of 2014, the village of Rozsypne in the eastern Ukrainian countryside found itself in the midst of a raging civil war, the lives of its inhabitants unsettled by the destruction and chaos at their doorstep. But the suffering of Rozsypne only made international news after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down, killing all 298 passengers and raining debris, bodily remains and other traces of human life over the fields and homes of the village-whose name translates as “scattered.” While international coverage of the crash mostly centered on Western European lives, this poetic roomscale VR experience offers a fragmented window into the life of Nina, an elderly woman living in Rozsypne. Moving through the distinctive Ukrainian sunflower fields, we witness the details of Nina’s austere but cozy home and experience the feeling of this faraway reality up close. A vivid and brightly colored exploration of mourning, endurance, and common human feeling. LINK IDFA

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Santa Maria

Funchal, oktober 12, Replica of vessel “Santa Maria” is passing the port of Funchal 2019 (Madeira, Portugal).

A carrack was a three- or four-masted ocean-going sailing ship that was developed in the 14th to 15th centuries in Europe (mainly Portugal). Evolved from the single-masted cog, the carrack was first used for European trade from the Mediterranean to the Baltic and quickly found use with the newly found wealth of the trans-Atlantic trade between Europe, Africa and then the Americas. In their most advanced forms, they were used by the Portuguese for trade between Europe and Asia starting in the late 15th century

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed a small fleet of three small ships west from Spain across the Atlantic Ocean, hoping to find a shorter route to the riches of Asia. Before his voyages, Chinese and Indian luxuries for European markets were transported over the long and hazardous overland route through Arabia. The three-masted vessel Santa Maria was the largest of Columbus’s expeditionary vessels and his flagship. Measuring around 70 feet in length, it carried a crew of 40 men. The Santa Maria and Columbus’s other fleet members the Niña and the Pinta were older ships used for coastal trading rather than vessels designed for ocean crossings. Nine weeks after the little fleet left Spain, land was sighted in the Caribbean on 12 October 1492, but exactly which island Columbus’s crew first spotted remains disputed. LINK Christopher Columbus

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Jolanda Jansen

@ MÊKH-web Live sunday 10 06 2019 
Report and Photography by Dolf Pauw

LINK: Jolanda Jansen

Monday, October 07, 2019

MÊKH-web Live 2

Photography: Kees Koomen, Ellen Rodenberg, Marie Pauw and Dolf Pauw.

One of the projects from: Dolf Pauw last sunday at QUARTAIR The Hague.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

MÊKH-web Live

MÊKH-web / live 13 jaar EX-MÊKH 

MÊKH-web Live! will take place this weekend
at QUARTAIR: Toussaintkade 55, 2513 CN, The Hague
Remaining opening times: 5, 6 October 13-17:00

Yesterday the invasion of the invited artists of the last weekend of MÊKH-web began at 1:00 pm. 

Featuring: Topp and Dubio, Machiel van Soest, Zaida Oenema, Stijn Peeters, Nies Vooijs, Riet Vooijs, Lucius Pax, Corine Barendregt, Loes Grotenbreg, Roeland Langendoen, Diederik Gerlach, Helène Penninga, Marisa Polin, Leontine Lieffering, Dolf Pauw, Miranda Meijer, Marlies Adriaanse, Laura van Eeden, Alfred Beekenkamp, among others.

Performances will be done sunday afternoon by Jolanda Jansen, Frans van Lent, Charlotte van Winden, Kees Koomen adding to the work of Marian Wijnvoord, Niels Post, Frans van Lent, Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers and Kees Koomen. 

Mêkh-web live! will receive all invited artists for a joined venture. It will be a weekend of exploring art on and of.
 Over more than 20 artists are invited to join between the 6 artists who where already in this exhibition.
 Today and the day after, all the new artists will be anounced. LINK MÊKH-web

Friday, September 27, 2019

Before I Exhibit a canvas in The Hague @ EX-MÊKH, watch this:

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg chastised world leaders Monday, Sep. 23, for failing younger generations by not taking sufficient steps to stop climate change. "You have stolen my childhood and my dreams with your empty words," Thunberg said at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. "You're failing us, but young people are starting to understand your betrayal.
LINK Greta Thunberg's speech to world leaders

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Prof. Panayot Panayotov

@ the Georges Papazov Art Gallery in Yambol
dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Panayot Panayotov,

Изложба, посветена на 110 години от рождението на нашия земляк художника проф. Панайот Панайотов, бе открита вчера, 3 септември 2019 г. в Художествена галерия „Жорж Папазов“ в Ямбол. Тя се състои от около 70 непоказвани досега на публиката картини, притежание на синовете му проф. Панайот Панайотов-Пането и Михал Михалев, които също присъстваха на събитието. Почетното участие на галерия „Жорж Папазов“ е само с една творба – автопортрет на художника… 

The exhibition, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of our countryman, the artist Prof. Panayot Panayotov, was opened on September 3  2019 at the Georges Papazov Art Gallery in Yambol. It consists of around 70 paintings that have not been shown to the public so far, owned by his sons Prof. dr. Panayot Panayotov-Paneto and Mihal Mihalev, who also attended the event. With just one work, the honorable participation of Georges Papazov Gallery is a self-portrait of the artist… 

De tentoonstelling, gewijd aan de 110e verjaardag van de geboorte van onze landgenoot, de kunstenaar Prof. Panayot Panayotov, werd geopend op 3 september 2019 in de Georges Papazov Art Gallery in Yambol. Het bestaat uit ongeveer 70 schilderijen die tot nu toe niet aan het publiek zijn getoond, eigendom van zijn zonen Prof. Panayot Panayotov-Paneto en Mihal Mihalev, die ook het evenement bijwoonden. De eervolle deelname van Georges Papazov Gallery is met slechts één werk - een zelfportret van de kunstenaar… 

Read more: article written by Svetlana Chamova

Friday, August 30, 2019

Hasta Siempre - Comandante Che Guevara

1965 Carlos Puebla
filmed by carlos garcia 2012

A esto es lo que le temen los gánster del norte los enemigos de la humanidad.... con 60 años de bloqueo malvado, despiadado y todavía siguen con ese espíritu de amor , de alegría, de humildad y sobre todo con un corazón de oro por que esa hermandad que existen entre ellos la trasmiten a aquellos que visitan la isla. 
"Hasta Siempre, Comandante", or simply "Hasta Siempre", is a Cuban song from 1965 written by Carlos Puebla. The lyrics are an answer to the farewell letter from the revolutionary Che Guevara when he left Cuba to stir up the revolution in the Congo and later Bolivia. Here he would later be imprisoned and executed. The lyrics describe some important moments from the Cuban revolution and describe the revolutionary role of Che Guevara as a commander. The song became an icon after the death of Guevara and many cover versions were made, often by left-wing artists. The title refers to a Guevara motto, "¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!" (Until the victory always). 

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Lust for life... Ed van der Elsken


Het Nederlands Fotomuseum, the national museum of photography in the Netherlands, has re-stored the colour work of photographer Ed van der Elsken from destruction. This summer, the museum celebrates with Lust for Life: the first retrospective of Ed van der Elsken in colour. LINK The national museum of photography Rotterdam