Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Erik de Vlaam

The objects of Erik de Vlaam (1977), graphic designer graduated cum laude from the Willem de Kooning and senior designer at Studio Dumbar, form a critical view of the world. The Vlaam's works reflect the mixed feelings through forms and words that society itself produces. The beauty and at the same time the threatening of the 'progress', for example, can be found in his works. The process itself also experiences an interesting, contrasting development, on the one hand the personal way of working and on the other the technical process. The graphic background of De Vlaam is clearly visible in his objects, composition, color, typography and perspective are essential elements. He works himself from strong abstact forms, which are emphasized by bright color compositions. His objects refer to the society that is full of contrasts. (Christian Ouwens) LINK flamo (under construction)  LINK instagram