Friday, July 31, 2015

Nuri Kuzuçan

A graduate of the Mimar Sinan University Department of Painting, Nuri Kuzuçan received his MA at the same department, and in addition to the numerous group exhibitions he has participated in, he has held five solo exhibitions.
His most recent solo exhibition “Interior and Exterior,” dated 2011, displays a wide variety in terms of subject matter. The painting “Interior” sees the artist return to the interior space, however this space makes no reference to intimacy. In reacting against modernity, the German Expressionists had dreamed of reclaiming nature. Yet Kuzuçan depicts a complete disconnection from nature. LINK

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ariel Guzik

Holoturian @ The Arts Catalyst 
The Arts Catalyst is one of the UK's most distinctive arts organisations, distinguished by ambitious art commissions and its unique take on art-science practice.

Ariel Guzik, Born in 1960, Mexico City Musician, researcher, artist, iridologist, herbalist and inventor. He designs and produces mechanisms and instruments to enquire into the various languages of nature. He is the director of the Nature Expression and Resonance Research Laboratory in Mexico, which for over 25 years has freely explored the phenomena of resonance, mechanics, electricity, and magnetism as foundations for the invention of mechanisms that give voice to nature through music. His research work is the reflection of an intimate need to generate an atmosphere favorable to the enchantment of the world. He intends to preserve mysteries, rather than decipher them, favoring the perception of natural phenomena through the senses, fascination and fantasy. Installations and individual exhibitions of his work have been presented in national and international institutions. LINK artscatalyst

Friday, July 24, 2015

Rainer Fetting

@ Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main

Rainer Fetting, painter and sculptor, initially trained as a carpenter. He attended the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin from 1972 to 1978. While there, Fetting and other artists established the Galerie am Moritzplatz. Fetting held his first exhibitions there, and the group became known as the originators of the “Neue Wilde” or “Junge Wilde” (“Wild Youth”) style. A Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) scholarship allowed Fetting to visit New York in 1983, and the experience rapidly impacted his style. Up to this point, his art had often been characterized as flat, but he began to use bright colors and strong, dynamic lines that gave his pieces a newfound energy. In the late 1980s, Fetting also began creating bronze works. Fetting has been featured in a number of exhibitions, including A New Spirit in Painting at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1981. He has also held many solo exhibitions at galleries and museums, including the Mary Boone Gallery in New York, NY; Galerie Bruno Bischhofberger in Zurich, Switzerland  and Galerie Deschler in Berlin, Germany. Rainer Fetting currently lives and works in Berlin and New York. LINK Städel Museum

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Done… Next

D… Je kunt niet altijd afscheid blijven nemen 
ArtEZ finals Lisa Weeda 
N… Jongens zoals wij worden niet verliefd 
ArtEZ finals Jorina van der Laan

Link Lisa Weeda
Link Jorina van der Laan

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nicolai (Nico) 1947 - 2015

Mijn broer Nicolai (Nico), vertelde mij jaren geleden, een verhaal over een automaat waar je 25 centimes in moest doen. Wat gebeurde er? Er gingen eenden dansen! Het gebeurde in Bobbejaanland Belgie. Ik was onder de indruk. Jaren later vertelde hij weer over de automaat in Bobbejaanland! Waarom dansten de eenden? Er stond 24 volt spanning op de vloer! Hij had achteraf niet spijt van de 25 centimes maar meer voor de eenden. Nico het gaat je goed 

My brother Nicolai (Nico), told me years ago, a story about a vending machine where you had to do in 25 centimes. What happened? There were dancing ducks! It happened in Bobbejaanland Belgium. I was impressed. Years later he told again about the machine in Bobbejaanland! Why danced the ducks? There was 24 volt voltage on the floor! He did not subsequently regret the 25 centimes but more for the ducks. Nico best of luck to you


Zero: Let Us Explore the Stars 
4 Jul - 8 Nov 2015

LINK stedelijk AMS NL

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Its time for music

Becky Hill

Becky Hill has appeared in a number of live performances for YouTube, including a web series called The Rebelations. She auditioned for the first series of The Voice UK, and at the blind auditions she performed "Ordinary People". Judges Jessie J and turned around for her, the only coaches with an available space on their teams. She opted to join Jessie. In the battle rounds she competed against Indie and Pixie performing the song "Irreplaceable", she won the battle and progressed to the live shows. Link Becky Hill

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Коля (Kolja)


Это трагедия, и то, что я могу сделать вас? Я не знаю. Если он останавливается. Это безумие в современном времени! Дольф