Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Project 30 years of color and light

September 6, 2021 in TRAKART PARK - the new cultural space of Plovdiv.
Artists gathered to rally their creative charge, turning TRAKART PARK into a green island of contemporary art, in the contemporary art project "30 years of color and light". The project features established Bulgarian artists, co-ensemblers from the academician's workshop. Svetlin Rusev, marking 30 years since the completion of NHA "Nikolay Pavlovich" in Sofia in 1991 

The symposium includes: Prof. Desislava Mincheva, Prof. Ivaylo Mirchev, Prof. Atanas Atanasov, Dimitar Dimov, Eslitsa Popova, Valentin Uzunov, Ivan Hadzhiyski, Angel Kitipov, Stefan Petrunov, Stanimir Zhelev, Dimitar Yaranov, Georges Track, Valentina Bucharova and others. The works created during the symposium will be displayed in an exhibition on 13.09.2021 at 18.00 pm at TRAKART PARK, "Asenovgrad Shose "against "Agria ". The project is part of the official program of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 and is part of the "Heritage" program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 of the Plovdiv Municipal Foundation - European Capital of Culture 2019 / Plovdiv 2019 ECOC/ and with the media partnership of Radio Plovdiv. 

The exhibition will visit the galleries of Kazanlak, Lovech and Pomorie until the end of 2021.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Kristin Theo Stuestøl

Until October 2 in Kunstgaten on Skjærhalden Norge

The pictures shown in Kunstgaten at Skjærhalden are abstract and colorful, but the color palette is dominated by a dark contrast. Stuestøl is inspired by the light in Scandinavia. Last year she moved to Hvaler, where she works from her studio on Vesterøy. She has been inspired by Hvaler's nature, because lately the motifs have turned to sky and sea. In this exhibition, images are shown in several types of techniques. There are both landscape paintings on canvas, but also material pictures on plates with rusty plates, skulls from porpoises and recycled textiles. In one of the series shown at the exhibition, Stuestøl has, among other things, used rags that have a story of their own. 
’All the rye I have used are made by my father's aunt. I ran upon them as a child in the cabin. As they were about to disintegrate after we inherited them, I asked my sisters if I could use them in art.’ 
The exhibition hangs until October 2 in Kunstgaten on Skjærhalden.