Sunday, December 16, 2018

Robin Alysha Clemens and Lisa Weeda

Community Oselya Ukraine 
Dec 4 to Thursday Dec 27 @ Stadskantoor Utrecht The Netherlands

In February of 2016, two years after the end of the Maidan protests, writer Lisa Weeda and Robin Alysha Clemens travelled through Ukraine. Lisa wrote a chapbook about it (in Dutch), called ‘De Benen Van Petrovski’. 

Robin Alysha Clemens Takes photos and makes films about music, subcultures and wanderlust Photography graduate of the Royal Academy Of Arts in The Hague Currently living and working in The Netherlands 

Lisa Weeda writes prose, theater and non-fiction. In 2015 she graduated from Creative Writing ArtEZ. Lisa makes the literary program Beautiful Words in Utrecht, and teaches at ArtEZ, the Rock Academy and at Het Verhalenhuis. She has published work in Revisor, Tirade, Das Magazin, De Titaan and De Optimist. She was selected for the Slow Writing Lab, for which she traveled to Ukraine to do research on her grandmother's homeland. In 2016 appeared at Winter Garden Publisher Lisa's chapbook The legs of Petrovski, a literary account of that journey. LINK Robin Alysha Clemens LINK Lisa Weeda 
LINK Stadskantoor Utrecht

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pinkas Synagogue (Pinkasova synagoga) Prague

Ruth Schächterová Landscape with Three Houses 
Erika Stránská A House

During reconstruction in 1950–1954, the original floor-level as well as the appearance of the synagogue were restored. In following five years, the walls of the synagogue were covered with names of about 78 000 Bohemian and Moravian Jewish victims of Shoah. The names are arranged by communities where the victims came from and complemented with their birth and death date. The memorial was designed by painters Václav Boštík and Jiří John. In 1960 it was opened to public, but it was closed after less than a decade, in 1968, after the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. It was said that the reason for closing was moisture. After the fall of communistic regime in 1989 the synagogue had been reconstructed for three years and then opened to public, but it took another three years to restore the inscriptions of the names on the walls that were damaged by moisture. Moreover, in 2002, an old enemy of the synagogue – flood – proved its power and the inscriptions had to be restored again. 

On the first floor of the synagogue there is an exhibition of pictures drawn by children in the concentration camp in Theresienstadt. Children did not draw them accidentally but during drawing lessons led by Friedl Dicker-Brandeis (1898–1944), a painter, who studied at Bauhaus, Weimar. Dicker-Brandeis's experience from Bauhaus influenced the conception of her drawing lessons in Theresienstadt. She encouraged children to express themselves in drawing, to grapple with their grim experiences from the ghetto, as well as to capture their memories from home and dreams about the future. Their pictures therefore offer wide-ranged testimony about the daily reality of the ghetto and about individual children. Most of the children, as well as Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, died in Auschwitz. The only witnesses of their lives, their drawings, "survived" because Dicker-Brandeis hid them in Theresienstadt before her deportation to Auschwitz. After the war about 4,500 pictures were handed over to the Jewish Museum in Prague. 
LINK jewishmuseum

Sunday, November 18, 2018

František Bílek

Tvůrce 1905, Holland paper, woodcut 
Original reprint limited edition 9/30 2018

The exhibition of prints and printing blocks offers a closer view of the graphic art by the sculptor František Bílek. Bílek used wood, his most favorite sculptural material, in the technique of woodcut, on which he focused after 1905 and in which he carried out most of his prints. His virtuoso way of working with the structure of wood, as evidenced by the details of printing blocks, enhanced the dramatic character of his woodcuts, whose expressive blackand-white language based on the contrast of light and shadow allowed him to capture the transcendental spiritual light. For Bílek, the symbolism of light was essential; he elaborated on it in theory as well as in the process of creating his entire multilayered oeuvre. Some of his prints are accompanied by individual words or the whole text, through which Bílek communicated his relativem complicated messages both in graphic art and his other works. Words are in the form of a stylized ornamental Gothic typeface, incorporated into the border of printing plates. 
LINK František Bílek Centre Prague

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Подарък от Пането (Paneto)

даготипия и миниатюри  
опаковани в кутия за супермаркети 
Роттердам Dolf:, благодариe на Пането (Paneto) 


Thursday, November 01, 2018

Пането The "Makulatura" (Wastepaper) in the "George Papazov" Gallery

Пането с „Макулатура“ в галерия „ Жорж Папазов“ 2015

Макар и странно, проф. Панайот Панайотов – Пането представя за първи път в Ямбол своя самостоятелна изложба. Експозицията е провокирана от стила и е посветена на един от най-големите – Жорж Папазов.

Prof. Panayot Panayotov - Paneto presented for the first time in Yambol his own exhibition. The exposition is provoked by the style and is dedicated to one of the greatest - George Papazov.
LINK Studio Jambol
LINK Paneto

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Celia Cruz

Por si acaso no regreso

Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso was a Cuban singer and the most popular Latin artist of the 20th century, gaining twenty-three gold albums during her career. She received a star in the “Walk Of Fame” in Hollywood. The U.S. President Bill Clinton awarded her the National Medal of Arts in 1994. She was renowned internationally as the "Queen of Salsa", "La Guarachera de Cuba", as well as "The Queen of Latin Music". She spent much of her career working in the United States and several Latin American countries. Leila Cobo of Billboard Magazine once said "Cruz is indisputably the best known and most influential female figure in the history of Cuban and Latin music". She was an ambassador for the variety and vitality of the music of her native Havana, and after the Cuban revolution she became a symbol of artistic freedom for Cuban American exiles. LINK Youtube

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Victor Borge

Clair de Lune

Rosenbaum (Borge) was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, into a Jewish family. Borge began piano lessons at the age of two, and it was soon apparent that he was a prodigy. He gave his first piano recital when he was eight years old, and in 1918 was awarded a full scholarship at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, studying under Olivo Krause. Later on, he was taught by Victor Schiøler, Liszt's student Frederic Lamond, and Busoni's pupil Egon Petri. Borge played his first major concert in 1926 at the Danish Odd Fellow Palæet (The Odd Fellow's Lodge building) concert hall. After a few years as a classical concert pianist, he started his now famous "stand-up" act, with the signature blend of piano music and jokes. He married American Elsie Chilton in 1933, the same year he debuted with his revue acts. Borge started touring extensively in Europe, where he began telling anti-Nazi jokes. When the German armed forces occupied Denmark on April 9, 1940, during World War II, Borge was playing a concert in Sweden and managed to escape to Finland. He traveled to America on the United States Army transport American Legion, the last neutral ship to make it out of Petsamo, Finland and arrived 28 August 1940. Even though Borge did not speak a word of English upon arrival, he quickly managed to adapt his jokes to the American audience, learning English by watching movies. He took the name of Victor Borge, and in 1941, he started on Rudy Vallee's radio show. He was hired soon after by Bing Crosby for his Kraft Music Hall program. Borge used physical and visual elements in his live and televised performances. He would play a strange-sounding piano tune from sheet music, looking increasingly confused; turning the sheet upside down or sideways, he would then play the actual tune, flashing a joyful smile of accomplishment to the audience (he had, at first, been literally playing the tune upside down or sideways). When his energetic playing of another song would cause him to fall off the piano bench, he would open the seat lid, take out the two ends of an automotive seat belt, and buckle himself onto the bench, "for safety." Conducting an orchestra, he might stop and order a violinist who had played a sour note to get off the stage, then resume the performance and have the other members of the section move up to fill the empty seat while they were still playing. From off stage would come the sound of a gunshot. LINK Youtube

Monday, October 01, 2018

New talent: Данэлия Тулешова

(Христина Соловiй cover)

Danelia Alexandrovna Tuleshova, Kazakhstan, singer, winner of the fourth season "Voice Children", finalist and winner of the public award of the "Children's New Wave 2015", representative of Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2018 and winner of the "BraVo" music prize. Best known for the performance of the song "Stone Cold", whose recording has been viewed more than 26 million times on YouTube. LINK Danelya Alexandrovna Tuleshova

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Photography dolf pauw

On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Dutch luxury fashion house Viktor&Rolf, the Kunsthal organizes a large exhibition in collaboration with the Dutch designers and Canadian curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot.
LINK Kunsthal 

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Maaike Ouboter

The Best Singer Songwriter BNNVARA television

Everyone loses a father, mother, brother, niece, cousin or a good friend. The text that Maaike Ouboter wrote is entirely. LINK Maaike Ouboter via BNNVARA (In Dutch)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Number one

The Boston Globe

More than 300 U.S. newspapers are running editorials Thursday that promote press freedom to counter Donald Trump's attacks on the media, in a move coordinated by The Boston Globe. President Trump has often attacked some media reports as "fake news" and called journalists the "enemy of the people," and "very dangerous and sick," in a tweet earlier this month. In July, he blasted The New York Times and The Washington Post as "anti-Trump haters" who "do nothing but write bad stories even on very positive achievements - they will never change." The Globe's initiative aims to denounce "the war against the free press" and it suggested that editorial boards take a stand against Trump's words regardless of their politics. LINK

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Nice design and good taste

Find this wine @ Vidin, test @ Rotterdam The Netherlands

Wild and Scenic. Breathtaking and Adventurous. The Northwest corner of Bulgaria is a true rural paradise. This small region borders the majestic Danube River to the north and Serbia to the west. Northwest Bulgaria is so far off the tourist track that only the true intrepid travellers venture into this rural area. Prehistoric caves, medieval forts, natural sandstone and rock formations, rock-sewn fortresses, terroir-driven wines, rustic food, timeless villages and the pleasures of a simple life are just a few unique experiences to be found in the wild northwest of Bulgaria. There is no better time to visit this unexplored region than the present before the crowds discover its beauty. This region is a well-kept secret even to Bulgarians, and we invite you to explore it with us on a 5-day wine and cultural tour that will leave you with everlasting memories. LINK find this wine

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Everyone suffers from mosquitoes, dolf has found the solution. Trained mosquitoes that kill the difficult mosquitoes after your command. Partly after the purchase of this box you will sleep much better. LINK Mosquito

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Straatkijkers (look-outs)

A series of look-outs on line cross-sectioning Rotterdam 
9th of june - 9th september 2018

A temporary series of art works in the public domain of Rotterdam. Stretched over one long line, as a city cross section from the centre towards MH4, the upcoming creative areas in the port. These 'Straatkijkers', (street look-outs) are open to the people in the streets and provide a different view and thought on the characteristic streets of Rotterdam. A initiative by artist Lieven Poutsma (Observatorium) and architect Bart Lentze (G R I D T) LINK

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Look for the differences

Design agency Studio Job 11 28 2013
and later

On the first King Willem-Alexander-stamp, which was presented five years back, is not the Dutch crown. The depicted crown looks suspiciously like the British St. Edwards Crown. LINK read more (In Dutch)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jan van der Does

In the year 1976, I met Jan van der Does in my studio. He had a request to me if I wanted to paint his new home in Delft. Jan showed me a sheet of toilet paper in elephant gray. “Is it possible for you to paint my house from this color Dolf?” “Yes I said, but Jan, only with the best paint products, I will do it!” I made a gray scale with sixty different shades. A week later I went to Delft to make a calculation and show Jan the tint scheme. I went to work, and heard from Nancy his wife that Jan was a specialist in decor design. After three months the work was finished. An decor! Jan was already at work at TU Delft. Many people who know Jan talks about his work in Hilversum but you hear little about his work at TU Delft. In my current job I often have to deal with architects, many of them knows Jan. They were happy that they had lessons from Jan. Jan was a proponent of hand drawing for architects. Today the computer is a great acquisition for the upcoming architect, but Jan also believed in solid handwork. Looking at perspective in combination with the use of your hand was very important for him! Of course Jan developed himself. The last time I saw him, he was working on an Apple computer for a project. I thought and I thought it for a long time, he was cool! LINK beeldengeluid LINK delta TU Delft

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Icky @ Golden Kuker-Sofia

МЕЖДУНАРДОНИЯТ ФЕСТИВАЛ НА АНИМАЦИОННИЯ ФИЛМ (МФАФ) ЗЛАТЕН КУКЕР – СОФИЯ, страртира дейността си през октомври 2010 г. в София и е първият фестивал на изкуството на анимационните филми в България от новия век. Провежда се всяка пролет през май и е едно от най-атрактивните културни събития в България!

THE INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (IAFF) GOLDEN KUKER - SOFIA, started its activity in October 2010 in Sofia and is the first festival of the art of animated films in Bulgaria since the new century. It is held every spring in May and is one of the most attractive cultural events in Bulgaria! The festival is a bridge between professionals from all over the world and succeeds in showing the best of animation. Icky, In a world where people have Rubik's Cubes instead of heads, there will be some who at first glance look different. But are they truly different from the rest? Directed by Parastoo Cardgar Country Iran 2017 Duration 6 min.

LINK Golden Kuker-Sofia LINK Icky officialtrailer 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Playing For Change

Stand By Me

Music video by Playing For Change performing Stand By Me. 2009 StarCon, LLC d/b/a Hear MusicTM LINK …

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dubai project

I continue with the Dubai project another design is ready, I am also try to contact the consulate of Dubai, possibly I give all the work as a gift to the Emir of Dubai. Dolf Pauw LINK see more

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Jacob August Riis

@ Foam Amsterdam

Jacob August Riis was a Danish-American social reformer, "muckraking" journalist and social documentary photographer. He is known for using his photographic and journalistic talents to help the impoverished in New York City; those impoverished New Yorkers were the subject of most of his prolific writings and photography. He endorsed the implementation of "model tenements" in New York with the help of humanitarian Lawrence Veiller. Additionally, as one of the most famous proponents of the newly practicable casual photography, he is considered one of the fathers of photography due to his very early adoption of flash in photography. While living in New York, Riis experienced poverty and became a police reporter writing about the quality of life in the slums. He attempted to alleviate the bad living conditions of poor people by exposing their living conditions to the middle and upper classes. LINK foam

Thursday, March 29, 2018

أم كلثوم Umm Kulthum (Oum Kalsoum)

امل حياتي ام كلثوم اغنيه الكاملة 

Umm Kulthum is a famous and very popular singer from the Arab world. Kulthum performed throughout the Middle East and once in Paris in 1967. Even 40 years after her death, her albums are still selling better than those of anyone in the Arabic language. Umm Kulthum's singing style and especially her full and deep voice are imitated by many.  LINK أم كلثوم