Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jan van der Does

In the year 1976, I met Jan van der Does in my studio. He had a request to me if I wanted to paint his new home in Delft. Jan showed me a sheet of toilet paper in elephant gray. “Is it possible for you to paint my house from this color Dolf?” “Yes I said, but Jan, only with the best paint products, I will do it!” I made a gray scale with sixty different shades. A week later I went to Delft to make a calculation and show Jan the tint scheme. I went to work, and heard from Nancy his wife that Jan was a specialist in decor design. After three months the work was finished. An decor! Jan was already at work at TU Delft. Many people who know Jan talks about his work in Hilversum but you hear little about his work at TU Delft. In my current job I often have to deal with architects, many of them knows Jan. They were happy that they had lessons from Jan. Jan was a proponent of hand drawing for architects. Today the computer is a great acquisition for the upcoming architect, but Jan also believed in solid handwork. Looking at perspective in combination with the use of your hand was very important for him! Of course Jan developed himself. The last time I saw him, he was working on an Apple computer for a project. I thought and I thought it for a long time, he was cool! LINK beeldengeluid LINK delta TU Delft

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Icky @ Golden Kuker-Sofia

МЕЖДУНАРДОНИЯТ ФЕСТИВАЛ НА АНИМАЦИОННИЯ ФИЛМ (МФАФ) ЗЛАТЕН КУКЕР – СОФИЯ, страртира дейността си през октомври 2010 г. в София и е първият фестивал на изкуството на анимационните филми в България от новия век. Провежда се всяка пролет през май и е едно от най-атрактивните културни събития в България!

THE INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (IAFF) GOLDEN KUKER - SOFIA, started its activity in October 2010 in Sofia and is the first festival of the art of animated films in Bulgaria since the new century. It is held every spring in May and is one of the most attractive cultural events in Bulgaria! The festival is a bridge between professionals from all over the world and succeeds in showing the best of animation. Icky, In a world where people have Rubik's Cubes instead of heads, there will be some who at first glance look different. But are they truly different from the rest? Directed by Parastoo Cardgar Country Iran 2017 Duration 6 min.

LINK Golden Kuker-Sofia LINK Icky officialtrailer