Monday, December 26, 2022

Odessa (Odesa) in better times 1995 (Одеса в кращі часи 1995)

Photography by Dolf Pauw

August 24, 1991 Ukraine became independent, four years later I visited Odessa with my sister Sandra and her friend Jan. We were received incredibly hospitably by my family. My aunt Klawa her son Andre and Natalia picked us up from the airport. When we arrived at Klawa's flat, they had made a feast. The following days we were treated with sights of this beautiful city. A stay that I still carry warmly in my heart. That is now almost 28 years ago. Today Odessa is under Russian fire and my family has been drained to Slovenia, Germany and the Netherlands! They and many others did not deserve that! Only by a madman (Putin) who wants to restore the past say Soviet Union. We people of the free world should prevent this misconduct. Here a photo impression of Odessa in 1995. Dolf Pauw