Thursday, October 29, 2015

Panayot Panayotov PANETO

@ gallery “Zhorzh Papazov” 
Yambol Bulgaria

The gallery “Zhorzh Papazov” in Yambol is the biggest museum of fine and applied arts in the region. It has more than 3000 works made by Bulgarian and international artists and a collection of more than 200 unique icons. Its biggest treasure is the collection of decorative works that is famous in Bulgaria and in the whole world. The building of the gallery is also unique. At the beginning it was a Synagogue. At the time of the Second World War it was a military storehouse. After its restoration in the 70’s of the 20th century it became a gallery. 
Prof. Panayotov (PANETO)  has held one-artist exhibitions in Sofia, Bulgaria every couple of years since 1976 to the present. His recent works are on display in many galleries, including DekArt, Irida, Art Center, among others. His works are on display in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as the Union of Bulgarian Artists. His art are to be found in the cities of Varna, Pernik, Golden Sands, Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, Vratza and in Rotterdam The Netherlands. LINK panayot panayotov paneto

Friday, October 23, 2015


@ North Sea Jazz 2010, 
recorded by NPS 

Waylon took part in 2008 in the first season of Holland’s Got Talent on SBS 6. He made during his audition impressed by the song It's A Man's World by James Brown. Jurors Henk Jan Smits and Patricia Paai were laudatory. Waylon then earned a place in the final. A year later, Universal Music brought him the first Dutchman to under the Motown label. His first single Wicked Way appeared on August 7 2009, a foretaste of the almost eponymous album Wicked Ways, which appeared later that month. Waylon Wicked Way scored with a direct Alarmschijf, and the number in the top 10 of the Dutch Top 40. In April 2010 Waylon won his first music prize, namely a 3FM Award in the category 'Best Newcomer'. A month later he received runs the world in the TV program by a gold record for his debut album. In June 2010 Waylon was one of the winners of the last TMF Awards. The singer won the Borsato Award, a prize for new talent. The award was presented to him by the namesake Marco Borsato, at the TMF Awards Festival in People's Park in Enschede. In October 2011 launched Waylon The Escapist, the first single from his second album After All, published on 3 November. Then came the singles Lose It and Lucky Night. Although the CD scored moderately on the charts, Waylon joined the established names. So in April 2012 he was named best singer at the 3FM Awards. 
LINK @ North Sea Jazz 2010

Help them!

Help hen! Hallo medeburgers, Er zijn vandaag de dag en eerder nogal wat oorlogen aan de gang in de wereld. Oorlog is verkeerd wat mij keer op keer werd verteld door mijn ouders. Zij waren slachtoffer van een tijd' in de veertiger jaren van de vorige eeuw' en verloren daardoor hun jeugd. Al die mensen die vluchten voor het geweld, oorlogsslachtoffers van vandaag, hebben onze hulp nodig! Dolf Pauw 

Help them! Hello fellow citizens, There are today and rather a lot of wars going on in the world. War is wrong and was told to me by my parents. They were victims of a time 'in the forties of the last century" and thereby they lost their youth. All those people fleeing the violence, war victims today, needs our help! 
Dolf Pauw

Културен център - Музей ТРАКАРТ

Cultural Center - Museum TRAKART 
Since 4 May 2011 exhibition ‘Glass in Ancient Art’

TRAKART Cultural Centre is placed in the Archaeological Subway (Arheologicheski), 80 metres east of Al. Stambolov Square, in the direction of Monday Market (Ponedelnik pazar) Plovdiv. 
An unique collection of ancient art that was presented by famous Bulgarian Thracologist prof. Ivan Marazov. He said that for the first time in these territories there was such a full and extremely well-preserved collection of ancient glass covering such a long ancient period from 5th - 6th century BC to 3rd - 4th century AD. The exposition is divided into two, namely ancient glass for utilitarian purposes and ancient glass for sacral purposes. The exceptionally detailed and ornamented phiales are made with extreme craftsmanship that evokes admiration even today building a kind of a bridge between antiquity and the present day. The connoisseurs of ancient Thracian glass will enjoy the special book analysing the creation of these beautiful ancient vessels. LINK trakart

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Иван Вазов

Град Сопот

Ivan Vazov,  (born June 27, 1850, Sopot, Bulgaria, man of letters whose poems, short stories, novels, and plays are inspired by patriotism and love of the Bulgarian countryside and reflect the main events in his country’s history. Vazov was educated at Sopot and in Plovdiv; he then taught for a time in the provinces. His father sent him to study commerce in Romania, where contact with the émigré leaders of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement led him to resolve to devote his life to the national cause as well as to literature. After the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turks (1878), Vazov was a civil servant and a district judge. In 1880 he settled in Plovdiv, where he edited several newspapers and periodicals. During the anti-Russian regime of Stefan Stambolov, Vazov went into exile in Odessa (1886-89), where he began his greatest novel, Pod igoto (1894; Under the Yoke, 1894), a chronicle of the trials of the Bulgarians under Ottoman rule. After Stambolov’s fall (1894), Vazov was elected to the assembly and during 1898–99 served as minister of education. LINK wikipedia

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


@ The Union of Plovdiv Artists 
photography dolf pauw

The Union of Plovdiv Artists, re-established after the changes in 1990, is a Not for Profit Organization with an ideal purpose. One of its goals is to make popular its members artwork. This Union accepts the legacy of the Group of Plovdiv Artists in the Union of Bulgarian Artists and now has about 400 members from the Plovdiv region, working in the fields of different visual arts - Painting, Graphics, Sculpture,Applied Arts, Non-conventional Art, Curators Projects and Art History. Plovdiv Artists Union is the biggest in the region and the biggest in Bulgaria, outside of the capital. Its multiple activities include group and solo exhibitions, visiting exhibitions, constant communication with similar organizations in Bulgaria and abroad. It welcomes partnership with artists, curators, galleries, museums and other art organizations or individuals, working in the Art field. LINK Union of Plovdiv Artists

Saturday, October 03, 2015

When You Believe

Is a song from the 1998 DreamWorks musical animated feature The Prince of Egypt. It was written and composed by Stephen Schwartz. A pop single version of "When You Believe", with additional music and lyrics by writer-producer Babyface, was also recorded for the film by American singers Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston for the film's end credits and its soundtrack album. Additionally, the song was featured on Houston's fourth studio album, My Love Is Your Love and Carey's first compilation album, #1's. The original version of the song, featured in the narrative portion of the film, is performed by Sally Dworsky, Michelle Pfeiffer, and a children's choir. "When You Believe" is described as a big ballad, with meaningful and inspirational lyrics, describing the ability each person has to achieve miracles when they reach out to God and believe. The song received generally mixed reviews from music critics and experienced moderate success, peaking at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, despite heavy media attention and live promotion. It achieved better charting throughout Europe and other nations, peaking within the top five in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. "When You Believe" was awarded the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 71st annual ceremony on March 21, 1999. Prior to their performance of the song that night, Schwartz left Babyface's name off the nomination submission sheet. He felt that because the additions Babyface added to the song were not featured in the actual film version, he did not deserve writing credits. However, while Babyface did not receive the Oscar, Carey and Houston performed his version of the song, because they were more familiar with it than the one in the film. Prior to their performance at the Academy Awards, they sang it on November 26, 1998 on The Oprah Winfrey Show, promoting the song, as well as both their albums. LINK youtube

Friday, October 02, 2015

Coming soon...

Wilhelm Thöny

Wilhelm Thöny was born on February 10th 1888 in Graz, Austria. In 1908 he went to Munique to study at the academy of arts. After the war he lived in Munique together with his first wife, the American Hilma White, and his daughter Margit. From 1919 to 1922 he moved to Switzerland where he mainly painted religious themes and the cheerless „Buch der Träume“ (book of dreams), a omnibus volume of 100 graphic works. In 1923 passing Munique he went back to Graz. In 1931 he left Graz and travelled to Paris, which he had already visited in 1929. A lot of city views and portraits of the Parisian society originate from this period. In 1938 he left Paris and moved to New York, where he was afflicted with the emigration and isolation. In 1948 a fire destroyed most of the works which the artist kept at the store. On May 1st 1949 Thöny died in New York. LINK wilhelm thöny