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MOOI WEER & ZO. is an initiative of Philippe and Eva Lemaire & Delano van den Berg, all just graduated from a drama school. Together with a group of young and experienced colleagues create and produce theatrical products. 
Where: s' Gravendijkwal 77b, Rotterdam Price: 25, - Data: see site. Door open 18:00 Commencement show: 19:00 End: 22:00

Come celebrate Christmas in December of MOOI WEER & ZO. We play for our Christmas special: LULU The performance goes hand in hand with a delicious homemade dinner. Five courses and five companies of 20 minutes each. A dazzling evening with theater, food and live music. LULU, an irresistible woman, adored since childhood by every man she meets. Old, young, rich, poor, fat, thin, ugly, handsome - they fall in love with her. Looking for true love colors like a chameleon LULU along with the wishes of her lover. Even her name changes with the lover of the moment. LULU but finds no satisfaction and again inevitably follows a dramatic end. So none of her suitors survives love for Lulu, and she stands silent for years. LINK Mooi Weer & Zo.

Electric Ballroom

Paddy and Nico

Paddy and Nico have much more in store than first appearances suggest. LINK Paddy and Nico

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iTunes shame on you

Waarom is deze fantastische live muziek niet te vinden of te koop via iTunes? Vertel… of antwoord. Ik denk persoonlijk dat de vervlakking plaats vindt. Dolf Pauw 

Why is this fantastic live music not available or for sale via iTunes? Tell ... or reply. I personally think that the flattening occurs. Dolf Pauw

Hector Lavoe y Willie Colon
Yuri Buenaventura - Ne me quittes pas
Solomon Burke - None Of Us Are Free
Maceo parker the soul of a black man 1973

Eva Auad

Eva Auad is een 32-jarige zangeres, componiste en tekstschrijfster uit Vlissingen, geboren in Vlaardingen. Haar soulvolle, speelse stem wordt ondersteund door haar vaardige pianospel. Melancholieke dromerigheid gecombineerd met indrukwekkende songwriting en stevige producties die alles willen zijn, behalve voorspelbaar.

Eva Auad is a 32-year-old singer, composer and lyricist from Vlissingen The Netherlands, born in Vlaardingen. Her soulful, playful voice is supported by her skillful piano playing. Melancholy dreaminess combined with impressive songwriting and solid productions that want to be anything but predictable. LINK Eva Auad

Reza Abedini رضا عابدینی @ Ab/Anbar Tehran

Ab/Anbar, is an independent and private entity dedicated to the advancement of contemporary art in Iran. Ab/Anbar provides a context for the production and exhibition of Iranian and international contemporary art.

Reza Abedini is an Iranian graphic designer and a professor of graphic design and visual culture at the American University of Beirut. Abedini is one of the most famous graphic designers in Iran because of his modern Persian typography. He combined modern and traditional themes in his unique style. His design influences include Aleksander Rodchenko, Ikko Tanaka, Sani'ol Molk Ghafari, Roman Cieslewicz and Mirza Gholam-Reza Esfahani. Reza Abedini has won dozens of national and international design awards. In 2006 Abedini received the Principal Prince Claus Award in recognition of his personal creativity in the production of special graphic designs, as well as for the personal manner in which he applies and redefines the knowledge and accomplishments of Iran’s artistic heritage, thus making them highly interesting. The award also focuses attention on the diversity of both the historical and the modern Iranian culture, recognizing the impact of graphic design as an influential international means of communication. He is a member of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS) since 1997, and the prestigious Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) since 2001. Abedini was a member of jury at several biennials throughout the world. His name is listed in Meggs' History of Graphic Design, as one of the world's outstanding post digital graphic designers. LINK Ab/Anbar

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till 22 november 2015

Hans Houwing - wandobjecten in gaas Hans Houwing, for whom Schoonhoven is an idol, make since 1991 objects of metal mesh. Most of the work caused by to cut up and assemble the wire mesh (often bent) pieces again. After nine years, mainly with fine stainless steel mesh (mesh size 1 mm.) To have worked, has passed on (square and hexagonal) aviary netting, wire netting, chicken wire (or "penny mesh) and" dime mesh. LINK

Jan Smejkal - in reactie op Hans Houwing's werk, installatie in de tuin Jan Smejkal responds with 'Mirror Tisch' and a block-shaped sculpture consisting of texts in silver marker on cardboard / glass, the exhibition of Hans Houwing. LINK

Eva-Maria Schön - 'Parallelles Wachstum' Eva-Maria Schön brings small watercolor paint with fingers or fist, with spatula or brush to smooth paper - so that will not show whether it is a print, photograph or painted unique. And so, that one wonders whether it is a concrete painterly work, images of shells or plant elements. LINK

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On Facebook today

Thus, the threat of any side's incredible live show by someone amidst the bombs in Lebanon years ago (2006). No flags but music and drawings. Whatever one does in bad sense, it touches everyone, including people in Lebanon, Nigeria. Ukraine and far too many other countries  to mention! My heart breaks every day through that fine news. LINK do you remember LINK Facebook

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Corsage-Studio Rotterdam

‘An exploration of the accessory in meaning and form’
photography dolf pauw

The HAT-DRESSES exhibition is a large selection of the striking garments can be seen in the art installation HAT-DRESSES Part I and; II. With this small scale exhibition, Corsage-Studio wants to comment on existing views regarding the accessory. No fashion items are more heavily marketed than accessories. As objects of our greatest desire, they have become larger than life, overshadowing the clothing they were meant to complement. HAT-DRESSES PART I and; II plays with this notion – along with the idea that accessories such as hats and sunglasses make the person wearing them less visible, even invisible. LINK corsage
Participants in the HAT-DRESSES project Aziza (Curacao), Ayse (Surinam), Betul (Turkey), Eumirel (Surinam), Hicran (Turkey), Jane (Surinam), Larisya (Netherlands), Milka (Curacao), Michele (Surinam), Piet-Hein (Netherlands), Rita (Pakistan), Sofia (Greece), Sukran (Turkey), Sita (Surinam), Usha (British Guiana), Wanda (Surinam)

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Carly Rose Sonenclar

Sonenclar was born in New York City and resides in Mamaroneck, New York. She began singing at age two, imitating several of the performers on the early years of American Idol. She took numerous singing, dancing, piano and acting classes, and one of her teachers put her in touch with a New York City talent agency, which signed her. She enjoys softball and has an older brother, Russell, who attends the University of Delaware. She takes piano lessons and enjoys composing songs. Sonenclar: “This song is very special to me since it is about a timely topic that we can all relate to. Everyone is constantly on their phones (me included!) documenting life and posting about it,” Carly adds, “And sometimes this takes away from opening our eyes and living in the moment.”
LINK Carly Rose Sonenclar - Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran)

Shadow Theatre Group 18 - 40

from Hungary

Black theatre is magic. This is a place, where there is no gravitation and the rules of physics no longer apply. A black hole out of time and out of space which has its own rules and frame of reference. The Black Theatre absorbs, thrills and enchants everyone. Watching it, you suddenly find yourself in a new dimension, a new, non-existing wonderworld where the audience, the dance, the choreography, the motion, the light and the music melt in one, in perfect harmony. With its thrilling, exciting, sincere and thought-provoking shows, the Attraction Black Light Theatre invites you to take part in a visual and mental adventure where you can learn more about yourself by opening up a new fantasy world, your own imagination. LINK @ Facebook

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News by NRC (In Dutch)

Drawing changed by dolf pauw


Sofia Central Public Bathhouse

Photography: dolf pauw

Charming building of Central Public Bathhouse, built in the beginning of 20th century, served all citizens of Sofia as a public bath. At the times, going to public bath was a ritual and kind of a social activity. Nowadays, local authorities turn this space into a museum with one part of it turned into a spa center. Currently it is working as a temporary exhibition space. Building is located near the park where people can fill up mineral water from one of plenty mineral springs. Mineral Water Springs Bulgaria has many mineral springs and only in Sofia there are 42 of them. They have 8 different hydrothermal zones and temperature can go from 30 to 90 degrees centigrade. Water flow can be up to 480 liters per second. As they are deep under the ground they cannot be polluted. People believe this water is very good for kidneys, eyes and overall health. 
LINK wikipedia

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Plovdiv almost ready (Bulgaria)

plovdiv together 2019
photo dolf pauw

Last month I was a few days in Plovdiv. I visit Bulgaria for twenty years and see big changes also in the city Plovdiv. Old dilapidated neighborhoods are restored and made available to small businesses. The Art Nouveau district has become a walking area. And there is a project for many old tobacco buildings in Plovdiv to give it a new purpose. Unfortunately, the plan for a cablecar between the hills of Plovdiv are not accepted by the council. George Trak have the funds, it can be built within three years and will be a great tourist attraction, especially in the year 2019. LINK plovdiv

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Square 500 Sofia

Bulgaria’s new national gallery  
The gallery complex is located near the monument to Vassil Levski 
and behind “St. Alexander Nevsky” cathedral

The intention of the organizers was not merely to make a mechanical merger of two galleries, but to launch a museum that is fundamentally different, where Bulgarian art is displayed next to foreign works, a museum that can measure up to European and world tendencies, especially those typical of the 20th century. The main objective was to highlight the valuable local art collected over the years such as works dating back to the National Revival Period: the self-portrait of Zahari Zograf, Selsko Horo ot Samokovska Okoliya (Chain dance from Samokov region) painted by icon-painter Nikola Obrazopisov, as well as the present-day artistic interpretations. In fact, this exposition was arranged by periods, rather than by authors. Thus, visitors can see in one of the exhibition halls works by renowned French artist Eugène Carrière, sculptor Auguste Rodin, as well as works of little known, yet very prominent Bulgarian female artist Sultana Suruzhon. For instance, we can all see how two works by French artist Renoir and a painting by Nikola Petrov created during the Post Impressionism period match so well together. Peculiar is that some famous Bulgarian artists such as landscape and portrait painter Panajot Panajotov and modern artist Paneto are not represented in the permanent collection. 
LINK nationalgallery SQUARE 500