Monday, January 02, 2017

16KNO3 S8 + -> + 8K2SO4 16NO 2KNO3 + 3C -> N2 + K2CO3 + CO2 + CO

Firework DPhoto

By emissions of carbon dioxide Fireworks contributes to the greenhouse effect. Fireworks also causes acid rain: is a matter of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. There are also heavy metals (lead and zinc) into surface water, soil and sewage sludge. Fireworks also caused a concentration of tiny particles in the air (smog): there is no point in the year when the air is so polluted as on January 1, between midnight and one o'clock. In people with a disease of the airways or with cardiovascular disease, this can lead to acute symptoms. Fireworks consists of 75% of potassium nitrate (KNO3), and for the rest carbon (15%) and sulfur (10%). The combustion is caused by a combination of a fuel (C and S), and oxygen from potassium nitrate. LINK firework in Rotterdam

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