Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sasya Tranggono

@ “EROPALIA”, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

She was seeking, seeking for a higher purpose in life as many accomplishers will contemplate once a plateau of performance has been achieved. She sought to live that proverbial cliche: the next mountain to climb, the next limit to reach, the next frontier to cross. Such is the storyline of Sasya at this stage of her career and at this stage of her purpose-driven life. This time Sasya is testing where few forerunners in the field of watercolor pointing have managed to seize: to have the full command and total cooperation of watercolor when mixed and applied on canvas. These two just do not co-exist easily. Sasya is going to change all that. Watercolor techniques have the reputation of being quite demanding, both of the artist's true skill and of the artist's true commitment to this medium. Sasya takes as the next frontier to cross.
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