Friday, August 25, 2017

Naum Gabo (Наум Абрамович Певснер)

Finally after years 
The Constructivist sculpture from Naum Gabo Is almost saved

Last year, the owner of the artwork - Bouwfonds Investment Management - and the municipality of Rotterdam intensive consultation on the desired restoration. Based on previous investigations carried out on behalf of the owner, it has decided to restore the sculpture and to consult with representatives of the municipality and the Rijksdienst Cultural Heritage. This led to the submission of the Concept Request on July 25th. Next Wednesday is the first step, the plan of action, for advice at the Welfare and Monuments Commission. The large sculpture, with nicknames 'The stylized flower' and 'Het Ding', is part of the De Bijenkorf complex. The image was produced in 1956-1957 on the basis of a drawing and models of the Russian artist Naum Gabo. The work took place in the construction workshops and machine plant 'Hollandia' in Krimpen aan den IJssel. The artwork was revealed on May 21, 1957. It is about the largest modern artwork in the public space at that time. The National Monument is considered a milestone in the visual arts of the reconstruction period. LINK 2008

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