Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Golden Section Finder

Parsons & Charlesworth 
Thanks to Jules van der Vuurst de Vries and Willy 

Parsons & Charlesworth is an experimental and speculative design studio founded in 2014 by Tim Parsons and Jessica Charlesworth After running independent practices they joined forces to pursue projects that combine influences from fiction, science and the arts with disciplinary knowledge in craft and industrial design, to produce work that explores the rhetorical and narrative opportunities of designed objects. Their combined ways of working cohere and reveal a shared ideology that is variously open, explorative, playful, provocative, bittersweet and ironic. In broad terms their work conveys the possibilities for change that design embodies, whether this change concerns how everyday objects are perceived and used, or how wider subjects, such as death, climate change, or personal survival, are considered. The task of conveying alternative possibilities for design and future ways of living does not need to be restricted to a single medium or mode of production. The studio output includes writing, printed publications, mass-produced objects and one-offs or limited editions. By working in this way they hope to be able to provide material to a wide range of different audiences. LINK The Golden Section Finder

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