Sunday, July 17, 2016

Priemgeval (Priem Case)

Photo 1: Unknown 
Photo 2: Rob Wolvenne

When you're 11, 
you're a prime number. 
I hate primes. 
"Priem Case" are not honest. 
You belong nowhere near, you can not move. 
Out of pity them stroke over your head, 
but that's not the intention. 
Because actually you are ... great. 
What you say you're eleven! 

Eight actors viewed their most charming pictures of when they were eleven. The age at which you're just not a child anymore, but still far from mature - between tablecloth and napkin. She tried to remember how they did back then, thought and dreamed. A youth who was still on all sides ... and went. LINK artemis (in Dutch)

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