Sunday, November 01, 2015

Square 500 Sofia

Bulgaria’s new national gallery  
The gallery complex is located near the monument to Vassil Levski 
and behind “St. Alexander Nevsky” cathedral

The intention of the organizers was not merely to make a mechanical merger of two galleries, but to launch a museum that is fundamentally different, where Bulgarian art is displayed next to foreign works, a museum that can measure up to European and world tendencies, especially those typical of the 20th century. The main objective was to highlight the valuable local art collected over the years such as works dating back to the National Revival Period: the self-portrait of Zahari Zograf, Selsko Horo ot Samokovska Okoliya (Chain dance from Samokov region) painted by icon-painter Nikola Obrazopisov, as well as the present-day artistic interpretations. In fact, this exposition was arranged by periods, rather than by authors. Thus, visitors can see in one of the exhibition halls works by renowned French artist Eugène Carrière, sculptor Auguste Rodin, as well as works of little known, yet very prominent Bulgarian female artist Sultana Suruzhon. For instance, we can all see how two works by French artist Renoir and a painting by Nikola Petrov created during the Post Impressionism period match so well together. Peculiar is that some famous Bulgarian artists such as landscape and portrait painter Panajot Panajotov and modern artist Paneto are not represented in the permanent collection. 
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