Friday, November 20, 2015


till 22 november 2015

Hans Houwing - wandobjecten in gaas Hans Houwing, for whom Schoonhoven is an idol, make since 1991 objects of metal mesh. Most of the work caused by to cut up and assemble the wire mesh (often bent) pieces again. After nine years, mainly with fine stainless steel mesh (mesh size 1 mm.) To have worked, has passed on (square and hexagonal) aviary netting, wire netting, chicken wire (or "penny mesh) and" dime mesh. LINK

Jan Smejkal - in reactie op Hans Houwing's werk, installatie in de tuin Jan Smejkal responds with 'Mirror Tisch' and a block-shaped sculpture consisting of texts in silver marker on cardboard / glass, the exhibition of Hans Houwing. LINK

Eva-Maria Schön - 'Parallelles Wachstum' Eva-Maria Schön brings small watercolor paint with fingers or fist, with spatula or brush to smooth paper - so that will not show whether it is a print, photograph or painted unique. And so, that one wonders whether it is a concrete painterly work, images of shells or plant elements. LINK

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