Sunday, November 29, 2015


MOOI WEER & ZO. is an initiative of Philippe and Eva Lemaire & Delano van den Berg, all just graduated from a drama school. Together with a group of young and experienced colleagues create and produce theatrical products. 
Where: s' Gravendijkwal 77b, Rotterdam Price: 25, - Data: see site. Door open 18:00 Commencement show: 19:00 End: 22:00

Come celebrate Christmas in December of MOOI WEER & ZO. We play for our Christmas special: LULU The performance goes hand in hand with a delicious homemade dinner. Five courses and five companies of 20 minutes each. A dazzling evening with theater, food and live music. LULU, an irresistible woman, adored since childhood by every man she meets. Old, young, rich, poor, fat, thin, ugly, handsome - they fall in love with her. Looking for true love colors like a chameleon LULU along with the wishes of her lover. Even her name changes with the lover of the moment. LULU but finds no satisfaction and again inevitably follows a dramatic end. So none of her suitors survives love for Lulu, and she stands silent for years. LINK Mooi Weer & Zo.

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