Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A.R. Penck

@ Cardi Black Box Gallery 
September - November 2012

The retrospective that Cardi Black Box dedicated to the great German artist aims to document that fundamental part of A. R. Penck's artistic production that goes from the end of the '70s till the most recent works, exhibiting paintings and sculptures that bring back to the different phases of his research. On display are about 40 pieces, among them large canvasses and sculptures, where it's possible to track down the central themes and motifs of his aesthetic and his whole artistic investigation. Moreover, the show at Cardi Black Box gives to the public—with 14 bronzes on display—the occasion to better understand the sculptural work by Penck, to date still less known for the fewer number of shows focused on this part of his production. 
LINK Cardi Black Box Gallery

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