Friday, September 28, 2012

Abdul Vas

Rock N' Roll Train, 2007. C-print, 51.1 x 66.9 inches

Abdul Vas (born 15 March 1981 in Maracay, Venezuela) is a contemporary artist known for his highly expressive depictions of roosters. After studies in Venezuela and the Netherlands he lives and works in Amsterdam and Madrid. Abdul Vas work broaches heavily the obsessions of his home country Venezuela with the symbols of the American dream. Heavily influenced by Marc Chagall and James Ensor, Vas's work heavily consists of depictions of roosters that represent the masculine element of the American cowboy-culture. Therefore his pictures are full of references to the National Rifle Association, the American baseball team Cincinnati Reds or SUVs. Another common theme in his work is the Australian rock group AC/DC, particularly lead singer Brian Johnson. Many of his other artworks are named after AC/DC songs or albums.
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