Monday, June 04, 2012

Mirjam Dijkema

Mirjam Dijkema (1984) got her BA at Academie Minerva in Groningen where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration. After that she studied Art History at the University of Groningen. Currently she is a self-employed illustrator and graphic designer based in the Netherlands. Since 2006 she works as a poster designer and screen printer in Vera - club for the International Pop Underground. In 2012 Mirjam started working at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Groningen, where she teaches Art Theory and helps Communication Design students prepare for their thesis. Having studied Art History, Fine Arts are an important source of inspiration for her. Further, she's inspired by a lot of Dutch graphic artists (H.N. Werkman, Max Kisman, Joost Swarte) as well as many Polish poster designers (mainly in the fifties and sixties) like Henryk Tomaszewski, Wasilewski and Mlodozeniec.
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