Friday, June 08, 2012


@ MACBA Barcelona 
07 JUNE 2012 - 21 OCT. 2012

On 23 May 2011, the art collector Harold Berg deposited with MACBA a legacy of 46 photographs taken by Gordon Matta-Clark (New York, 1943-1978) himself to record his famous 'building cuts', ephemeral pieces taken from buildings. According to the curator Elisabeth Sussman, these photographs form 'an exceptional series provided by Matta-Clark himself to document one of the most outstanding facets of his work'. The images document Matta-Clark’s technique of making ephemeral cuts in buildings, a practice which assured him a prominent place in the history of contemporary art. In the first, Bronx Floors (1972-1973), he outwitted the police in order to use a handsaw and cut out rectangular sections from floors and walls in abandoned buildings in the Bronx neighbourhood, which he then showed at commercial galleries. In the last of these actions, Circus-Caribbean Orange (1978), commissioned by the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Matta-Clark drew a complex web of circular cuts in three houses adjoining the museum itself.

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