Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nora Schultz

Portikus Printing Plant 
and Portikus Sounds
June 16 - September 2012

Nora Schultz's work examines the genesis of pictorial representation and production as an artistic dynamic. She is less interested in the finished work than in how images and objects come into being and in the physical traces that process leaves behind. The actualities of production accordingly play a central role in her prints, printing machines, installations, and performances; process always remains legible.

  Nora Schultz's show is the first solo exhibition to occupy the lower as well as the temporary upper floor at Portikus. She addresses the two floors, which could not be any more different in terms of architecture, atmosphere, and acoustics, taking her engagement with the spatial situation to a new level. Even the two-part title of her exhibition, Portikus Printing Plant and Portikus Sounds, points to the work's spatial and acoustic superimposition responsive to the divided exhibition space. The artist uses this duality to develop parallel production cycles composed of sculptural sound works and printing installations that repeatedly intersect over the course of the show.
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