Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Der Lauf Der Dinge (1987)

The Swiss artist David Weiss, belonged to one of the enduring partnerships of contemporary art, the duo Fischli/Weiss.

With his compatriot Peter Fischli, he created some of the most memorable work of the past three decades, demonstrating that irony and sincerity cannot exist without each other; that, indeed, there is no sincerity like irony. In their 30-minute film The Way Things Go (1987),
a series of everyday objects and machine parts roll, topple, burn, spill or otherwise propel themselves forwards to create an extended chain reaction of miraculous cause and effect. These chemical and physical sequences create the illusion that the objects have mysteriously achieved independence from human control, reflecting the artists' sense of pleasure in the process of producing the work. It relishes the precision of poise as much as the release of collapse, and the breakdown of the precarious balancing acts were also captured in the artists' Equilibrium series of photographs (1985).
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