Sunday, May 13, 2012

Koen Taselaar

Koen Taselaar  (1986 Rotterdam) joined a few years to a nice steady series of record covers and flyers for imaginary bands. The graphic lettering and detailing in black-white-gray, and the track lists of bands like The Jokers Inside, Idiot or The Villages Overlap Press are to eat. The fine liner is fixed to smoke in many shades. Taselaar would be a fan of the group of artists on the infamous comic magazine RAW? We recognize in each case the possessed and the urge to approach loosely artist John van 't Slot early and recent work in the exhibition space of the Art Library. Van 't Slot is a gifted painter: "What he can do with a brush!" Complained one critic ever in the magazine Art in America. He approaches on many lighthearted manner recognizable themes from art history. 
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Kees said...

Koen is cool!