Saturday, August 05, 2017

Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial Foundation

R † JAM 
@ Oude Binnenweg Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Jazz Artists Memorial Foundation commemorates the deceased Rotterdam jazz musicians in an artistic way. One of the initiatives of R † JAM is the production of portraits of Rotterdam's jazz cory fairies by renowned cartoonists and illustrators. The images of Theo van den Boogaard, Lorenzo de Bruin, Robert van der Kroft, Jan Kruis, Louise Lagerweij, Martin Lodewijk, Dick Matena, Peter Pontiac, Wouter Tulp, Martin Valkhoff and Joost Swarte are performed on enamelled signs and a number of murals. With this and the publication of the biographies of Rotterdam jazz musicians, the foundation R † JAM seeks to preserve them for oblivion. LINK: R † JAM (in Dutch)

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