Thursday, August 31, 2017

Luna van Leeuwen

And Vinchenzo

Luna van Leeuwen from Bilthoven is totally crazy about music. The young teenager has been playing violin for several years and these weeks are one of the participants at the Summer Academy at the Peter the Great Festival. "I think this is a very nice Academy," says Luna with a big smile on her face. "In the mornings we get lessons from a teacher for a number of hours. This happens in very small companies to make the most of your profit. "At the Summer Academy, held at the Prince Claus Conservatory, this year brings about eighty young musicians. For eleven days, they are working intensively and at high level to improve their technique and repertoire. My mother forbid me to play violin "I'm from a very musical family," says Luna. "My mother is also playing violin and she made me very enthusiastic at an early age. In the beginning, she still forbid me to play violin because two violinists in one family, which was not useful to her. But after a while playing piano, the blood was still crawling where it could not go." Listen Luna @ youtube And more: Despacito - Vinchenzo & Luna

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