Saturday, March 05, 2016

Staging the Derra de Moroda Dance Archives

Museum der Moderne Salzburg 

Bert J. Sabourin Friderica Derra de Moroda, around 1916 Photography Universität Salzburg,

Arthur Grunenberg Dance study, around 1920 Pencil drawing Universität Salzburg,

Lia Perjovschi o.T., 2016 Photo of the performance, choreography Giulia Di Guardo Photo: Werner Kaligofsky

This exhibition draws a unique connection between what is known as (dance) modernism and contemporary art today. It was inspired by the Derra de Moroda Dance Archives, which have been at the University of Salzburg since 1978. The treasures in this singular and extensive collection form the backdrop for the project’s contemporary artistic “re-vision” of 1920s and 1930s dance. The multifaceted dance culture of the time was defined by fertile creative tensions between classical dance and expressive Ausdruckstanz, between theatrical, ethnic, and social dance formats, spurring a quest for new ways to convey the effect of dance performances in a variety of media. The archive is named after its founder, the artist, teacher, choreographer, scholar, and collector Friderica Derra de Moroda (b. Bratislava, 1897; d. Salzburg, 1978), who played a prominent role in the history of twentieth-century dance. After her debut at the Vienna Secession and guest performances in Central and Eastern Europe, she was based in London until the outbreak of World War II and later moved to Salzburg. She was in close touch with many leading figures in the world of dance and made important contributions to dance scholarship. 
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