Sunday, March 27, 2016

Markus Brunetti

On the road since May 2005, 
German photographer Markus Brunetti is continuously travelling around Europe to capture the facades of religious buildings, using his very own technique of highly technical precision combined with absolute peaceful ambience. At first glance his work seem to resemble New Objectivity-style documentary, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that he is pursuing a complex selection process and visual strategy based on central perspective, which begins with an intensive research and study of the buildings and facades. From this study - in collaboration with his partner Betty Schöner - he has developed his own visual vocabulary for the Facades series, in which he follows his subjective impressions to capture the atmosphere, the light, the details, the perspective of a building in a visual concept – a concept that he realizes using the most advanced visual technology. The Facades by Markus Brunetti evoke enthusiasm-or a sense of estrangement.
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