Friday, October 23, 2015

Културен център - Музей ТРАКАРТ

Cultural Center - Museum TRAKART 
Since 4 May 2011 exhibition ‘Glass in Ancient Art’

TRAKART Cultural Centre is placed in the Archaeological Subway (Arheologicheski), 80 metres east of Al. Stambolov Square, in the direction of Monday Market (Ponedelnik pazar) Plovdiv. 
An unique collection of ancient art that was presented by famous Bulgarian Thracologist prof. Ivan Marazov. He said that for the first time in these territories there was such a full and extremely well-preserved collection of ancient glass covering such a long ancient period from 5th - 6th century BC to 3rd - 4th century AD. The exposition is divided into two, namely ancient glass for utilitarian purposes and ancient glass for sacral purposes. The exceptionally detailed and ornamented phiales are made with extreme craftsmanship that evokes admiration even today building a kind of a bridge between antiquity and the present day. The connoisseurs of ancient Thracian glass will enjoy the special book analysing the creation of these beautiful ancient vessels. LINK trakart

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