Friday, April 03, 2015

North Korean Perspectives

Kims Utopia 
@ Drents Museum

One of the landmarks in the Drents Museum in the new cultural season is the exhibition Kims Utopia - Paintings from North Korea. From 7 April to August 30, 2015 can be seen approximately 80 paintings, made in the period 1960 - 2000 by professional North Korean painters in state service. These figurative works give an idealized image of North Korea, as dreamed and imagined by the great leader. For the first time shown North Korean art such a large collection in the Netherlands. 
The works are from the private collection of the Dutch collector RJCM the Groen. The exhibition shows that art is not voluntary in North Korea, but always at the service of the Leader, the state and society. 
Essential is the glorification of the system and the regime, even in images with the subject's family, agriculture and industry, war and confrontation with enemies like the US and Japan. Kims Utopia is the fourth largest exhibition in the series "International" Realism in the 
Drents Museum. LINK Drents Museum (in Dutch)

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