Friday, April 17, 2015

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Levee Dwellers - Leveling Up

Format: CD / Label: Blueshinerecords

Design Blueshine design, Photographs Dolf Pauw 
Releasedatum: februari 2015

The album 'leveling up' of the Levee Dwellers is a wonderfully funky uptempo album with jazz and bluesy flavor. A very surprising CD where the songs are performed in their own way. The songs on the album have a nod to the original versions and are easy to sing along. The uptempo songs immediately invite you to sing along, which can also been busy.The band has a unique sound and fit both musically and in terms of voice perfectly. The numbers Kick It Around and Hoodoo Man contain beautiful and technically well executed saxophone solos. Furthermore, a compliment to the singer; a beautiful warm voice that both uptempo song as in the slow blues well comes into its own! Especially with the song Tell Me More, which is a gem of the album as a whole, becomes the hot and beautiful deep sounding voice from beginning to end. Rarely has a singer of this generation with a sensitive song to keep the attention so firmly know if at this number. The album is highly recommended for both blues and jazz enthusiasts this time. Old songs are transformed into the unique sound of this band. Read more (in Dutch) LINK Levee Dwellers 

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