Monday, February 17, 2014

Xu Bing

@ Taipei Fine Arts Museum

In January 2014 Taipei Fine Arts Museum presents Xu Bing
A Retrospective, Asia’s first large-scale solo exhibition of international contemporary artist Xu Bing, curated by senior curator and art critic Chia Chi Jason Wang. Xu Bing has been actively pursuing art for four decades, from 1975 to today. In 1991 he exhibited A Book from the Sky and Ghosts Pounding the Wall at the Elvehjem Museum of Art on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, a key event that laid the foundation for his artistic accomplishments and status. He infuses his contemporary art with Eastern philosophy and culture. His works engage in critical thinking about the written word and other tools of communication, the nature of art and civilization, and similarities and conflicts among different species and cultures. LINK xubing

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