Friday, February 28, 2014

Jan Hoet statements

1986 Chambres d' Amis

The first major exhibition in which he showed contemporary Belgian art in Ghent was Aktuele Kunst in België in 1979. Inzicht/Overzicht Overzicht/Inzicht. This was also the first occasion on which Jan Hoet showed what he considered a museum of contemporary art should be: a place that would increasingly function as a platform for the art that was being created in the world, a place to enter into dialogue with people who live in the present and who therefore wish to be confronted with contemporary art. But it was probably through the legendary Chambres d’Amis exhibition project in 1986 that Jan Hoet and the museum became best known. Many of us will still remember that people at various places in the city opened up their homes to make them available as exhibition spaces, thus literally enabling art to be taken ‘into people’s living rooms’. LINK statements (newsmonkey in Dutch)

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