Saturday, April 06, 2013

Nicos Baikas

@ Faggionato Fine Art 
March 8 - April 19, 2013

New works by the artist Nicos Baikas, born in Piraeus in 1948.

The exhibition comprises large-scale pencil works plus a series of smaller works. Baikas works exclusively in pencil on paper, creating surfaces dense and heavy, in which objects and shapes are placed in perfect correspondence with the issues he approaches in his work: gravity, geometry and the study of balance into which he entwines the philosophical use of different perspectives. The images are geometrical balances. Squares, circles and triangles are placed alongside simple human forms. Baikas is concerned with creating what he describes as a "visual suspension" as opposed to the "mental suspension" which is often asked of in the viewer/work of art relationship. His works are a study on mental reflection, the philosophical balance of dark and light and the possible fragmentation of order into potential chaos. The tension created is disquieting and the images brooding, often with disturbing connotations. LINK Faggionato Fine Art

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