Monday, April 01, 2013

Farideh Lashai

Rabbit, Prelude to Rabbits in Wonderland (ed.7), 2010, 
180 x 195 cm, projected animation on painting, oil, 
acrylic and pencil.

In the Iranian literary history, symbolic figures appear and reappear to survive a tyrannical suppression of candour and free expression. References and guises fill this vocabulary throughout centuries. And the Iranian art and the Iranian psyche continues to flow in abstraction and in referential forms. The rabbits appear from depth of a mysterious abstract jungle, full of life and charged with untold narratives, expanding the painting as an elastic structure in time, material and space, then disappear, leaving behind a silent still painting, that is charged with the mythical, the imagined, and has colossal spaces for fantasies. In this canvas, Farideh and the rabbit are playing and their game is like a preparation for a long journey, like Alice departing to Wonderland. LINK Farideh Lashai

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