Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Soviet Myth

Socialist Realism 1932-1960 
@ Drents Museum Assen 

Aleksandr Dejneka, 1927
Arkadij Rylov, 1934
Kazimir Malevitsj, 1930-1931
For the first time in the Netherlands, from November 17, 2012 till 
June 9 2013, the Drents Museum presents a wide selection of the most impressive and characteristic art created in the Soviet Union during the Stalin dictatorship. The exhibition ‘The Soviet Myth. Socialist Realism 1932 -1960’ contains some 70 paintings idealising the Soviet society. In the new exhibition wing, monumental and dramatic works by artists such as Alexander Deineka, Alexander Samokhvalov, Isaak Brodskij, Arkadi Plastov and Kazimir Malevtsj will be shown. One of the highlights in this exhibition is ‘On peaceful fields‘(1950) by Andrei Mylnikov, measuring an imposing two by four metres. The paintings are on loan from the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg, which houses the largest and most important collection in this field. Complementary to this exhibition, on the first floor of the old building, the museum shows an exposition entitled: ‘Together and Alone. Life in Russia from 1900 till now’, which allows the visitor a view into the life of the ‘ordinary Russians’. LINK Drents Museum

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