Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dancing around the Bride:

Cage, Cunningham, Johns, Rauschenberg, and Duchamp 

Marcel Duchamp, American (born France), 1887 - 1968
Oil on canvas
35 1/4 x 21 7/8 inches (89.5 x 55.6cm)
Dancing around the Bride is the first exhibition to explore the interwoven lives, works, and experimental spirit of Marcel Duchamp (American, born France, 1887-1968) and four of the most important American postwar artists: composer John Cage (1912-1992), choreographer Merce Cunningham (1919-2009), and visual artists Jasper Johns (born 1930) and Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008). Creating both individually and together, they profoundly affected the direction of postwar avant-garde art and American culture as a whole. The exhibition tells of their multiple levels of engagement, focusing on the ways in which Cage, Cunningham, Johns, and Rauschenberg produced work inextricably linked to key aspects of Duchamp’s practice, such as the use of chance, the incorporation of everyday materials into their art, and the probing of the boundaries between art and life. With over eighty objects, stage sets, musical compositions, videos of dance, and live dance and music performances, the exhibition is organized as an environment in which visitors can explore the creative world of these artists and experience diverse aspects of their work firsthand. 
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