Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oriol Arisa

Nací en 1980 en Sabadell (España).
Poco antes de que cayera el Muro, recuerdo que mis padres me enviaron a una academia para que...

"I was born in Sabadell, back in 1980. Shortly before the Wall fell, my parents sent me to an academy to learn to paint pretty pictures. At that time I did not like stuffed partridge copy, so for me despair of the teacher spent to develop my creativity. From there came a memorable picture with Gorbachev sticking pins in the ass to Ronald Reagan, causing chills to this good man. But the best was feeling comfortable with other children, sharing all our joke.
Then came years of learning, several teachers and a lot of pictures more or less fortunate. For me painting a lady remained distant and severe, which cost him smile.
Now I have a great time painting pictures, and exhibitions that I like is trying to preserve the carefree spirit that led us to laugh at ourselves, at that time for children. "

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