Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Krijn Giezen @ Katwijks Museum

Krijn Giezen was born in Noordwijk aan Zee in 1939. He studied at the Royal Academy for Arts and Design in The Hague from 1956 to 1961. Krijn Giezen felt himself in heart and soul to be a painter, an impressionist. He was an admirer of Monet, but also of the artists who worked in Katwijk around the 1900’s. Giezen painted in watercolours and oils, but eventually found linen stretched on a canvas too static for him. Then a fellow student showed him the work of the Spanish artist Antoni Tapiès (1923). The work of Tapiès inspired Krijn to start using old pieces of cloth and used clothing, especially jeans, in his own work. It became a sort of New Realism. Giezen graduated from Art School with a tapestry for which he received from the Pulchri Studio in the Hague the renowned Jacob Maris prize for the category design.

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