Thursday, January 24, 2019

Jerzy Bielski

Turning Point [2015] 
Painting: Pim Piët 
Music: Jerzy Bielski 

In 2008 Bielski decided to become a professional jazz musician and got his BA at Middlesex University in London. However, in the meantime Jerzy managed to develop his passion for experimental, improvised sounds coming out of his Minimoog synth, playing, recording two albums and touring with a quartet Lanza! To divert from his not always straight path even more, he started his numerous attempts of organising the chaos of free improvisation and his own life, by putting it on paper in the form of dots and lines. 

The work Turning Point from 2015 is the first collaboration of painter Pim Piët with the Polish composer Jerzy Bielski (1984). One speaker had to be mounted outside the panel, and this was a new challenge for Piët, not only in its design but also as a challenge to strengthen the relationship with the painting itself. The rotating object, mounted in the panel becomes the intermediate and seems to catch signals, again blurring the sliding scale of the visual plane towards aural space where boundaries become vague. That idea is exactly how the exhibition design and arrangement came to be. The wall is not only the carrier of the work, but it becomes a part of the overall concept to connect separate works with each other in a new manner. A movement of a visual object through space towards sound/noise. It is the viewer’s task to undergo the musical experience. LINK Jerzy Bielski

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